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The highs and lows of loving your Lilith... what strings is she pulling?

The shadow and light expressions of Lilith. If she is unintegrated, her power is warped and she pulls the shadowy strings. The era of knowing her as a demoness is over - the time is now to find her true essence within you.

The dark feminine, which Lilith represents, is not the shadow feminine. She is the sacred darkness of the yin, the origin of life, sensual, primal, instinctual, wise. She is pure love and creative power, and she is undefined by the way we have mostly perceived the feminine. Not only is she fiercely powerful, she is profoundly gentle. She is beyond any projections or misunderstandings, and she is BACK. Of course she's always been here, but in the last 6,000 thousand years a cosmic cycle of consciousness saw her expression within us hindered, all part of a grand plan of evolution. Her return up front'n'centre is right on time, and she is in an incredibly developed state. Her evolution was hard earned through this cycle of duality, which saw the feminine put beneath the masculine and the mystical dark feminine qualities exiled to some level. That time is over - the era for unity begins now, and to allow it we need to welcome back our dark feminine. Working with your Lilith energies is one way to do it. Do not mess with the Goddess

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We ain't mucking around with Lilith's shadow... don't be afraid for the shadow is the extent of the light, and the light is the truth. Unifying requires the integration of shadow and light so that we may be the master of its use.

Like Goddess Kali, Lilith's energies are not to be trifled with.

I know her as an immense and sort of funky energy. She’s sensitive and aware, exuding a kind of detached intimacy. It's as though she is so accepting of the spectrum of life's expressions that she is slightly detached. Her embrace is like the cool-headed love of a wise adult seeing a toddler struggle dramatically with a fly.

She won’t indulge nonsense and calls us to account, knowing we have all we need to end our suffering and reunite with the true essence. Her vast light carries extremes of all kinds, and when she is trapped within us her energy has a specific shadowy quality. It’s connected to her fearsome reputation as a baby killing, penis lopping, raging, life sucking demoness of grand proportions. Lilith shadow energy is often stuck where we've been shamed, ostracised, tormented, misunderstood or stifled. She’s stuck where we have felt we must repress our wildness, override our instincts, and hide our individuality. Even if we try to control and mask it with a well-behaved face, these imbalances remain and pull the strings in destructive ways. Integrating the true Lilith energies can be part of your bigger journey to standing in empowered action and reclaiming your sovereignty, sexuality, creative power, and independence. From there you can more deeply relate as a sovereign being with others and with life itself.

From the pain of Lilith greatness is born

Something magnificent is born of the pain of the Lilith energy. Suffering is not required to grow, however, in our duality experience of life pain has been inevitable. I feel that Lilith is a gift to help us master duality and realise this truth. Through her duality experience of light and dark, Lilith knows she can't change everything, but that she can stand in her truth NO. MATTER. WHAT. She learned the hard way, raging against the chains that bound her and attacking her tormenters, and through this she eventually developed the chops to stand in powerful peace. When we experience oppression and inequality, we often feel the rage of Lilith. Without righteous rage and until we are healed, we tend to meekly bow with simmering resentment, or kid ourselves that we're fine with what's happening.

This is preferable to facing the terrifying prospect of standing in empowered truth and action. We're terrified of what might happen to us, understandably. We're also afraid of our own power. A strong Lilith energy tends to rage rather than submit, because Lilith is the yang part of the feminine. Eve energy is the yin feminine, so when she is dominant we tend to comply.

To align with unity consciousness or non-duality, we must unite these polarised energies within the One. The bitch and the doormat, the mother and the whore... these duality expressions of Eve and Lilith need to be balanced to their true empowered state.

Lilith refused to go on her back… but when the light is right, she loves it

While Lilith is the yang feminine, it doesn’t mean she always wants to be on top, as the myth tells us she insisted upon to Adam when he wanted to dominate her.

When the light is right, Lilith also wants to lie on her back in pure receptivity of the masculine forces of creation. Sometimes she wants to be on top. She is as she is.

To be the whole woman, we need both the yin and yang, or the passive and the active, in balance. Sometimes one steps forward strongly, sometimes the other. It's a dance of fluid consciousness, as free flowing as the feminine Herself.

For Lilith energy to truly receive, her rage and grief must be addressed. She’s been so used to fighting for her life, and taking revenge on those who hurt her, she didn’t know how to relax and receive. This part of Lilith, her yin within the yang, is needed now to allow her wholeness.

Hold onto yourself… the great gift of Lilith

Lilith learned that even if external circumstances are dire, there is higher meaning. She learned to hold onto herself no matter what happens to her or her world.

This is freedom - to experience that the true essence can never, ever be taken under any circumstances. Jesus was a master of this, experiencing crucifixion while holding to his essence, and through that he rose in the Christ or unified consciousness. He was free even in that experience. He did not surrender his soul to a kind of death through that torture. Rather, he surrendered to life - the true essence of divinity.

Righteous Lilith energy can serve to fertilise the darkest corners of your body, mind and soul to revivify and resurrect what has been stagnant, perhaps almost dead. There you find a power that is so great it makes the energies that oppress you pretty darned insignificant. The true Lilith is surrendered to life. Having once surrendered her soul to a level of annihilation due to suffering, she made it back, and is now a master of surrendering to eternal life or unity consciousness.

That power sets you free, when you can control it. As seen in the Chariot card in the tarot, we must wrangle the reins of wild horses to direct them to charge us forth, and when we have that control, we are unstoppable.

Lilith has just the right balance of taming those wild horses to keep their power and spirit, while directing them as desired. This represents the journey of humanity through duality back to unity.


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