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A new power rises with Pluto in Aquarius

From 20 January, we go a little deeper on the transformational dive of Pluto into revolutionary air sign Aquarius, where it will transit for the next 20 years... what are you sensing or seeing in your life now that hints to your themes of profound change? 


Get ready, as the area of life or natal house in our personal astrology charts where we carry the water bearer, Aquarius, is getting the Pluto treatment. This will push us below the surface to dismantle what no longer serves, creating space for rebirth. 


Pluto is associated with the phoenix rising from the ashes, because the changes it brings are intense and life-altering. They center around themes of power, control, sexuality, and the psychological depths of our subconscious.  


When in authentic Aquarius, Pluto connects us to deeper ways of expressing our truest colours, while allowing others to do the same in the collective tribe of many colours.  


We can expect to expand our reverence for equality and tolerance for one and all, with hierarchical structures and demands for compliance and conformity no longer accepted as dominant forces. 


Reflect on nuance 


The influences and shifts brought by Pluto are mysterious and nuanced, although how it all unfolds often brings major life events at the surface level.  


Sometimes it’s only when we reflect on how we’ve changed that we sense the magnitude and depth of Plutonic power. It’s not about mere adjustments, but permanent shifts in the rolling undersea currents of self and society that bring more authentic power up for integration. 


Due to retrogrades, through 2023 and 2024 Pluto moves back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn, the latter as the sign it’s transited for the last 14 to 15 years.  


Pluto made its first foray into libertarian Aquarius this year in late March, then went back into authoritarian Capricorn from June, moving again into Aquarius from 20 January 2024. There will be another retrograde into Capricorn from September to November 2024, after which Pluto will stay in Aquarius until 2044.   

The retrogrades into the late degrees of Capricorn help us wrap up as best we can the major changes made in our relationship to authority, worldly success, and structure. 

Your theme 

During the first steps of Pluto into Aquarius between March and June 2023, something new began to emerge in us.  

The ground was broken in that entry period, preparing us for the deepening that the full transit will bring in alignment with our astrology charts. 

In my chart, Aquarius is in the 3rd house ruling how we speak, think and write, and there was a shift experienced in these ways as I gave a eulogy at my mother’s funeral in May. 

Her death was the biggest event of that timeframe, but it was during a few moments of speaking that the shift occurred. There was a peaceful sense of empowerment with the knowing I was seen, felt and heard by myself and others. I felt one with my soul as I witnessed myself standing in truth. No doubt the soul of my mother was part of this heightened event. 

I believe the frequency of how it felt to truly express registered in my energetic field and will further develop over the next 20 years. 

You may also be able to identify a feeling or a theme experienced between March and June that indicated the essence of what you will further develop through the Pluto in Aquarius transit. 


A New Earth 

The Age of Aquarius continues as our earthly backdrop theme for the next 2,200 or so years, with the Pluto in Aquarius era getting things established. 

This shift is progressing the human race based on Aquarian themes of freedom, egalitarianism, futuristic development, and ‘one tribe’, as we no longer accept separative systems of authoritarian control and greed.  

Beyond this shifting of the zodiacal ages, Earth is now rising into unity consciousness in a larger galactic cycle known as the Grand Precessional Cross, developed by the late astronomer and astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza.  

It sees us fall into separation before we inevitably rise again in unity, taking all we learned from the creative contrast of light and dark. In doing so, consciousness evolves. 

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