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An inevitability of unity – the time is now

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

This article is from Supernal Magazine's September 2021 edition, my debut piece in my monthly column A New Earth - Now.

We’re in the thickest throes of a massive evolutionary shift. This starry cycle sees us fall into separation before we inevitably rise again, unified, taking all we learned from the creative contrast of the playground of light and dark. In doing so, our consciousness evolves. That’s it in a nutshell!

Right now, it feels like the moments before birth when the process is increasingly unbearable, however a new world is so close.

The astronomical and astrological cycle bringing the goods

So what’s this cosmic cycle that promises peace? It’s connected to, yet transcends, the ~24,000 to ~26,000 year (it changes due to the Earth’s wobble) Precession of the Equinoxes. This gives us 12 ages aligned with the signs, such as the Age of Pisces and the newly-born Age of Aquarius.

In the work of American astronomer and astrologer, the late and great Nick Anthony Fiorenza (1953 - 2020), further meaning can be applied to this cycle. Fiorenza’s model shows a separation then reunification of the feminine and masculine energies. Kind of a macro ‘she said, he said’ before we reunite, with the purpose of evolving consciousness.

The centre of the Milky Way galaxy is the heart of our part of the universe. A galactic cycle sees us on Earth effectively turn from the heart light on a journey of pretending to be separate, before we return to face the light again.

Our little wills have no bearing on the movements of the galaxy and our destined return to Oneness.

Fiorenza’s model is called the Grand Precessional Cross, which becomes exact when the Earth’s vernal point is perpendicular to the galactic equatorial node. You can learn about the details at In essence, the cycle sees us start by facing the galactic heart, then we turn away in a cosmic out-breath to experience separation before circling back to face the heart once more.

In the Grand Precessional Cross, we’re now at the beginning stage of turning back to the heart. This is the start of the era when masculine and feminine energies can most easily reunite in our earthly experience after roughly 12,000 years of appearing to be separate. Feminine then masculine energies each took a 6,000-ish year turn on top.

Within ourselves, the feminine and masculine seemed separate so we weren't whole with our soul. This has been expressed outside the self as separation from others.

The move back towards unity may be associated with 2012’s shift in consciousness, as predicted by the ancient Mayans. Twenty Twenty started raising the pressure to end the old and rouse ripe souls while the launch window is still open.

We’ll be in an intense experience still for a good several years. In more immediate cycles, we’re awaiting Pluto’s full entry to people-powered Aquarius in 2024 to break down old and hierarchical systems, then a few years more will pass before things settle.

In the meantime we’re tripping between dimensions. The new light is so evident when we’re in alignment. And when we’re not, we’re back among the fray and it’s hard to believe unity is inevitable. There’s to-ing and fro-ing in this era, and we do our best to keep aligned. We were born to make it.

Why put ourselves through it?

We've done our dark round, it's time to return to light, and we're right on time.

This evolutionary game sees us fall from paradise and return to it after our heroic journeys, wisened and expanded by what we learned exploring duality.

To play, we believe in opposites. We think the two sides of any opposite are separate things, though they are not… they are one. There is no point of separation, just a relative contrast between the two. When does black become white, or sad become happy? Heaven, hell? To create, we need contrast and as we evolve, we do it without suffering.

In a divine irony, we’re reaching unity through a kind of separation as the new diverges from the old.

We have active work to co-create A New Earth, because although the cycle itself is destined for light, we are free-will folk and must choose to get on board or stay in an old dimension.

Our focus belongs on building community, refusing attempts to keep us in separation, celebrating the new era, and trusting we are ready, willing and able to co-create it. We won’t miss this bus.

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