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April’s swift winds of change

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, March/April 2024 edition

Eclipsed sun
A total solar eclipse with an extraordinary healing energy occurs 8/9 April.

Hold onto your hats in April – it brings some of the most potent astrology of the year with a healing eclipse and a liberating shake up as big hitters Jupiter and Uranus meet. 

Change often brings conflict and chaos to rumble what’s got to shift, so in such throes we benefit from taking a step back to do some soul searching and choosing to respond to situations in a spirit of moderation.


We are in times of great transformation as we enter the 2,160 year or so Age of Aquarius, occurring alongside a pivotal point in an even bigger 24,000 or so year cycle called the Grand Precessional Cross, now beginning its era of unity for those ready and willing to embrace it. 

As ever, our free will determines how we respond to shifting astrological energy patterns. Whether we embrace or resist what is there, the frequency on Earth is lifting in these fated cycles. 

At times it can feel like hitting a patch of turbulence in the skies. If our vessel has enough power and we have the far sight to put it all in perspective, we might be able to rise above it. Or if circumstances don’t allow for that rising, we can weather a rough patch knowing it has its role and we can make it. 

Healing eclipse 

Centaur aiming an arrow into the sky
Chiron is a centaur in Greek mythology known for tending the wound that can't be healed,and now the name of a planetoid.

A total solar eclipse occurs on 8/9 April (it's very early morning on the 9th for Australia) when the sun, moon and wounded healer Chiron join at 19 degrees and 24 minutes of gung-ho Aries.  

Chiron sitting at the same degree of this eclipse is already extraordinary, but to take it next level, it will also be at exactly the same minute! The odds of Chiron sitting so precisely on this eclipse are incredibly slim – but of course odds have nothing to do with the fated placements of the Heavens. 

Chiron represents our deepest emotional and spiritual wounds and our efforts to ease them, which develops hard-won healing powers that can eventually transform suffering into growth.  

With Chiron so involved in this eclipse, there is great potential for healing, but in punchy Aries style we could first see wounds prodded to bring matters to the surface. Especially so, since the eclipse ruler Mars in conjunct tough Saturn in Pisces, bringing an uncomfortable pairing of the solar system's two malefics. They will ensure what needs to change is brought to awareness.

Whether at collective or personal levels, the eclipse in independent Aries will inspire or push us to choose our own paths rather than following the ideas, plans, or perceptions of others.  

The Aries warrior within will be called to assertively, or aggressively if in shadow, take action to go our own way and develop deeper self-identity.  

This Mars-ruled eclipse will be seen across many parts of the USA including Texas where there is a lot of martial activity already underway around border control matters. It will also sweep across parts of Mexico and Canada, so we can expect to see events in particular in these areas that bring up Aries themes. 


Solar eclipses mark brand new chapters, helping us create new patterns for the coming six months. 

What’s hidden in the shadows tends to come to light during an eclipse, and while it can initially be a shock or bring a ruckus, it is then ready to be dealt with. New opportunities may also appear out of the blue. 

Surprise surprise 

Jupiter and Uranus planets
Lucky Jupiter meets wildcard liberator Uranus on 20/21 April.

Arguably the biggest transit of 2024 also happens in April, when shocker Uranus meets expansive Jupiter at 21 degrees Taurus on the 20th/21st of the month (around midday on 21st in Australia).  

This is likely to bring positive change, or at least cause events that are needed to bring about something liberating. A positive effect is likely because Jupiter is the Great Benefic of the skies and Uranus is the cage-shaking liberator. Together they bring a benevolent and explosive expansion that seeks freedom.  

The risk in a shadow expression is Jupiter’s larger than life nature expands all it touches, and Uranus can shake too hard, bringing events on a large scale that rumble us too roughly. 

It is impossible to guess what unpredictable Uranus will bring from out of the blue, but the gist will involve Taurean themes. These relate to the Earth and its movements, food and agricultural matters (likely with the uprising of farmers worldwide pushing back against various unfair situations), the art and creativity world, and/or money and financial matters.  

Many other themes can come into the mix for us personally, depending on the areas in our natal charts where we carry Taurus, and how our planets and points may or may not be directly impacted. 

A sudden turning of the tides will occur in April, the nature of which depends on collective and personal karma and our choice in how we respond. 

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