We are each born with a divinely orchestrated game plan for this lifetime.


It's a complex puzzle we slowly piece together on the journey back to remembering who we are. Our free will determines how many pieces we place in this lifetime in the masterpiece we each are.


I'm a fully qualified astrologer practising professionally for 10 years, and also use the tarot and my knowledge of and connection with the spiritual path to zoom the lens out and help you understand more of your life plan, and how to best move forward with it.


See full information on the Initiation into Self program or see the drop down under the 'Services and offerings' tab.

If your timezone or schedule doesn't suit the time slots on offer, email me to find a way. If you live locally and would like an in-person session, email me. I'm in Wembley Downs, Perth, Western Australia.

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Danielle Leigh Lanteri,
New York, USA 

I've never felt so seen...I gained so much clarity and a solid idea of where to go next.

Matthew Purvis,
Perth, Western Australia

I got a deeper understanding and different perspective on life...I look back to the recordings regularly.

Theresa Nicholson,
Perth, Western Australia

Light bulbs went off...It gave me hope and reaffirmed who I am. It helped me believe in myself.