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The people’s revolution picks up in 2024

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, Jan/Feb 2024 edition

I recently saw Napoleon, directed by Ridley Scott and starring uber Scorpio Joaquin Phoenix, which had me pondering how our current so-called elites might feel watching the so-called common people taking back power in the French revolution. 

The planetary zeitgeist of that time is back and building power from January 2024, with the same sign placement of transformational heavyweight Pluto occurring for the first time since. 

This brings deeper and wider awakenings around reclaiming our personal and collective power as Pluto moves fully into the radical 'power to the people' air sign of higher love, Aquarius, further establishing the fledgling Age of Aquarius or the New Age. 

Freedom loving rebel Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and carries the same essential energies, also very evident in the 1960s hippy free love scene. That era arose due to major Uranus transits teaming up with power player Pluto and spiritual idealist Neptune. 

These historical eras give us a sense of the changes the Aquarian and Uranian energies can bring, picking up momentum this year. 

We will see further challenges for many – financial strain and the testing of moral compasses among them – which push us to become more responsible for our actions and to make courageous decisions in the best interests of the freedom and wellbeing of the collective. 


Aquarius knows we are One tribe, and with its renegade energy amplified by Pluto, will help us identify and refuse control.  

We are more likely to embrace a more balanced respect for one another and our differences, better able to see through separation attempts hidden behind false virtue. Rabble rousers won’t have the same power to influence as our Aquarian sensitivities increase. 

As people are pushed deeper by Plutonic extremes, there will be more realisations around what’s been hidden in the underworlds of deception and power. More matters will be brought up for exposure to the air of Aquarius that demands fairness and equitability. 

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