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Initiation into Self is a personalised program of one-on-one sessions, based on your astrology and tarot, to support you on your journey of self-realisation. Sessions are online via Zoom.


This program is for you whether you are at an advanced stage of your journey, or just beginning to ask key questions like ‘who am I?’, ‘what’s my life purpose?’ or ‘where am I on my path?’ 

What's on offer?


The Initiation into Self program aligns to the tarot’s path of self-realisation known as the ‘Fool’s Journey’, grouped into three stages. Sessions are held online via Zoom.

Each of the three stages involves seven one-on-one sessions with me, guided by your personal astrology and tarot. Throughout, we will reference your natal astrological chart to see your unique game plan, which we always keep as our context. If you haven't already had a natal reading with me you can start with that before taking this program, but it isn't essential.

You can do the stage that speaks most to you now, or two or all three in any order – as you wish, there are no wrong paths. One session a week works well, and you can rearrange sessions if you need to. 


We are all souls having a human experience, with a perfect pre-set game plan for our lives. My aim is to work with you, using the tools of astrology and tarot, stepping back from the minutia of life to see the hopeful bigger picture and higher game, finding an empowered and positive way forward.

We are all on the same journey to self-realisation


The tarot explains the ascent of the ladder of consciousness we all take. While we have unique experiences within it, we all follow the same pathway of evolution. 


Within each step are multiple cycles containing the whole journey, all part of a coherent whole - nothing less than you’d expect of the One! 


In this journey we realise our core essence - who we are beneath all the layers. Although our human aspects don’t always agree, our eternal souls love the adventure and creative expansion. 


To become initiated into your true self means you have completed the Fool’s Journey and are able to stand your ground and maintain your truth against internal and external threats, employing all the skills and wisdoms you’ve earned along the way. You come home to the true self.

The personal meets the galactic


On our path to self-realisation, all humans experience the suffering of disconnection from our true selves, and thus the One. 


We experience this as low self-worth, disempowerment, dissatisfaction with relationships or a job or being unable to access our own wisdom and intuition. 


This is not the truth of who we really are.


This contrast exists so we can see and experience our true selves. In doing so, we evolve ourselves and consciousness itself.


At this stage of our current galactic cycle, those wishing to move on from the era of forgetfulness can most easily do so NOW. This cycle is presented through a rollicking story in my novel I Am Lilith, or see my article if you’d like the upshot. 


If you choose to end feeling separate from your greatness, or feel a deep yearning for unity, you are already far along the journey.


Becoming self-realised or unified means we are guided by the higher context of our soul’s plan, and apply it as we participate in the day-to-day realities of life. This program helps you do that with an approach of ‘practical meets galactical’.

We are guided at every step if we listen


We don’t need to grope around in the dark to progress along our Fool’s Journey. With self-knowledge made conscious we find we’re abundantly guided.


If you actively seek self-knowledge and guidance you will find it, so no matter what life throws your way, you know you’re connected to the unconditional love of the One. 


The more you look, the more you find, and this brings a new sense of security, self-love and worth, purpose, vigour and hope for the exciting ride. You never feel alone once you connect deeply to your soul and more easily see the signposts and guidance it constantly offers. 

If you are a seeker of Self and all the inner-bounty you carry, the Initiation into Self Program offers you guidance on and exploration of your unique pathway so you can stride forward.

What does the program entail?


This fully personalised program will help you know yourself more deeply and find your way along your soul’s path. 


The tarot journey to wholeness can be split into three stages, and Initiation into Self offers a seven session program for each, with one session per week suggested. You can do one, two or all three stages, in any order, depending on where you want to focus – 


  • Stage one – Knowing yourself through the external world

  • Stage two - Your inner self

  • Stage three - Your unified self


In each session, we use your astrology chart and tarot guidance as we explore the key question for each of the major arcana steps. 


Together we will discuss how the energy pattern plays out in your life, what your highest expression is, what hinders you, and what to focus on to move forward.

Stage one – Knowing yourself through the external world


In this stage of the journey, we are creating ourselves by looking at who we are in relation to others and the world around us. 


We develop the foundations of the persona – or ego self - that represents our true self in this lifetime, and the way we engage with the world around us and play our roles from this basis. 


We learn to understand feminine and masculine aspects of self; our relationship with our body, other people and with nature; and, how we operate and manifest in the material world, including our relationship with money.


Through this leg of the Fool’s Journey we develop a deeper understanding of our persona, helping us to evolve our self-love and self-worth, create more fulfilling relationships, find more personal power and open our creativity to birth and manifest ideas.


We find out how we desire to be recognised by others and the world around us for our achievements and value, and how we experience self-satisfaction in these regards.

Session 1

The Magician – What skills do I have to help manifest my greatest good?


Session 2

The High Priestess – What flavour is my feminine spiritual power?


Session 3

The Empress – How do I express my nurturing, creative feminine energy?


Session 4

The Emperor – How do I embody masculine authority, discipline and structure?


Session 5

The Hierophant – What spiritual rituals or traditions are truly valuable for me?


Session 6

The Lovers – How do I operate in relationships and what is my path to evolve them?


Session 7

The Chariot – Where is my determination and what’s my style of personal achievement?

Stage two - Your inner self


This part of the journey sees us bring deeper and more conscious awareness to the persona we have created to represent our true self in this lifetime.


We go inwardly to discover our wisdom, and realise we must use this to successfully navigate key life turning points and twists of fate.


We learn to be the powerful director of our life experience, including examining the moral challenges that help define who we are, and develop inner strength and patience as we experience powerful transformations.


Session 1

Strength – What is my style of inner strength that best supports me?


Session 2

The Hermit – How do I get in touch with my inner wisdom?


Session 3

Wheel of Fortune – What repeating patterns show up to help me find my destiny?


Session 4

Justice – What do I need to be most accountable for to continue evolving?


Session 5

Hanged Man – What perspective on life or self do I need to flip? What do I need to surrender or sacrifice?


Session 6

Death – What is my relationship to deep transformation, and where does the phoenix rise from the ashes in my life?


Session 7

Temperance – In what area of life do I need to create balance, moderation and patience?

Stage three - Your unified self


The last third of the Fool’s Journey guides us to bring it all home to self-realisation as we connect to the truly spiritual aspects of life through maturity, wisdom and higher awareness.


We are further tested on whether we can stay balanced through life’s storms and the tumbling of structures that no longer support our true essence, and we learn to view what unfolds through the eyes of higher wisdom.


It’s a stage where we review our inner journey, and how we think about the self and our experiences. We develop real awareness of our divine role and sacred place in the collective, and become primarily concerned with inner truth and purpose as we go about our grounded lives.


This is the point of initiation into the true Self, as we realise with joy that we are one with all.

Session 1

The Devil – How does your shadow present itself most strongly?


Session 2

The Tower – Where have you experienced things crumbling in your life, and for what higher reason?


Session 3

The Star – Where do you find your greatest blessings and deepest faith in life’s goodness?


Session 4

The Moon – What are the nuances of your instinctive, intuitive and insightful nature and how can you best access it?


Session 5

The Sun – What brings you the greatest creative and expressive joy?


Session 6

Judgement – What is your highest calling and where in life is your soul calling you to deliver your gifts?


Session 7

The World – Where have you achieved mastery and fulfilment?

In this personalised approach to your self-initiation you’ll:


  • Come to know yourself more deeply, understanding what you came here to experience and develop.


  • Cultivate more trust in yourself and life, self-love and self-worth.


  • Get to make it all about you – this personalised approach lets you examine the key concerns in your life, or you can let the guidance show you the way if you’re not sure what to focus on in regards to each step.


  • Zoom the lens out to see yourself differently and realise the perfection of your life plan, and how blessed and supported you are within it.


  • Learn more about your style of manifesting, relating, creatively expressing, taking a stand, nurturing, leading, collaborating, earning, intuiting… all the aspects that make you up as a person really!


  • Realise you can channel the energy you need in each moment from your unique style of expression – maybe you need to embrace your Magician to get around a problem; maybe you need your authoritative Emperor, or your intuitive High Priestess. 


  • Understand how and where you might be stumbling or going in circles, and clarify where you’re meant to be going.


  • Find more fulfilment and meaning in life as you get in the game more consciously, trusting that nothing random is happening in your life or the world around you.

What you get in every stage


  • Seven fully personalised one-on-one zoom sessions of 50 minutes each with me.

  • Play sheet before each session introducing the step within the major arcana we will next take.
  • Personalised astrology in each session plus tarot cards drawn for you to help identify nuances within the step you are working on… we sleuth out the messages. We hit truth gold when the goosebumps rise!

  • Email support throughout your journey so you can ask questions or share some of your integration experiences.

  • Access to record sessions on Zoom (or however you wish to record) - you hit 'record' and it'll automatically download to you afterwards.

Why work with me?


I’ve worked intensively on my path of initiation for 17 years. I’m a qualified astrologer (Federation of Australian Astrologers), with my own consultancy for the last 11 years. I’ve read for over a thousand clients, often bringing in the tarot, and using my intuition developed through meditation and extensive spiritual studies. 


My focus is soul unification, assisted greatly by the practice Mahat Meditation and through receiving Integrated Therapeutic Alignment energy medicine alignments for many years. 


The experience and knowledge I’ve gained allows me to assist you in accurately seeing and responding to your soul guidance, which is there to bring you home to yourself.  

How it works


Remember, you can do one, two or all three stages as you wish. You don’t need to do them in order – see what description speaks to you the most. 


Within each of the steps are the potentials for highly evolved expressions, through to simple ones, depending on your situation and context. 


All steps in the three stages are running at all times of life, within a macro soul cycle then within that are smaller cycles. You might work on one of the earlier stages to unlock something so you can move further ahead with a later step. Go with what sounds and feels right, knowing every step is a crucial part of the whole.


Sessions work well on a weekly basis (unless we need to work around something), subject to session booking availability. 

EMAIL ME TO BOOK OR ENQUIRE (online booking system isn't working)



Each stage (involves 7 one-on-one sessions x 50 minutes), AU$800 one off payment for each stage

EMAIL ME TO BOOK (online booking system isn't working)



Discount for all three stages (involves 21 one-on-one sessions x 50 minutes), $2,040 as one-off payment

EMAIL ME TO BOOK (online booking system isn't working)





‘One of the most beautiful and life reaffirming things I’ve ever done. I encourage anyone who finds themselves searching for their true path to book in with Mel.’


- Lisa

Frequently asked questions


- What time frame does each stage run in?

Sessions are weekly, as a general rule, unless we need to work around holidays etc. The maximum time frame a stage of seven sessions can be taken is three months (unless there are extenuating circumstances). 


- Is there a payment plan available?

If you need a payment plan, please email me. It is possible to make two payments of $430 for each stage, or three payments of $710 for the full journey of all three stages.

- If I choose to do a further stage, how long should I wait before starting the new one?

It's up to you - you can continue to another stage right away, or take a break for a few weeks as you wish.

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