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Swoon, with intent, at frisky full moons

This piece was written for Melis Perfumery and their With Intent blog. I adore Melis perfumes which are pure, concentrated Australian made scents for men and women, inspired by nature’s inherent truth. My favourite right now is Nativus Spiritus but I change from time to time as there are so many glorious scents. Thanks Melis for your beautiful creations.

If the moon can cause ocean tides of up to 16 metres, imagine how powerfully she affects us with our bodies made of at least 60 percent water.

Water is the element ruling our emotions and the feminine flow of life, so just as the moon – especially a full moon – stirs the seas, the water within us is also extra charged.

It’s helpful to be extra intentional (something we’re big on at MELIS) at this time, since heightened emotion can be constructive or destructive.

As well as all the feels, many people report restless sleep, more profound insights and dreams, friskiness, and a feeling of building pressure that starts to release soon after the moon is full.

What happens in the skies and within us

A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are almost exactly opposite each other. The moon is fully illuminated by the sun’s rays, seemingly radiating her own light.

What was hidden in the mysterious depths of our feelings can be revealed by the reflected light of the sun, bringing epiphanies.

The most creative frisson of the month

It’s the climax of the month, and if we use the menstrual cycle as an analogy, it’d be the point of ovulation. The opposition of the moon and sun creates a yin and yang frisson of creative power, explaining more sexual desire.

Moon rituals have extensive ancient origins, her power throughout history captivating us and known to impact everything from the tides, farming and fishing practices, to moods, energy levels, and manifestation results.

Although debate continues in the scientific community on whether such effects can be proven, many of us know it’s no myth. As the moon would encourage, we’ll use our own intuition on what it means for us.

Something culminates at every full moon

Each month, a new moon begins a two-week phase that builds to the full moon, when we fulfil to some level what we began shaping at the new moon. What we create can be consciously intended, or happen by default.

We then begin to let go of what’s no longer needed in our lives as she wanes over the following two weeks.

If you want to use the cycle to hold an upbeat event or make an announcement, best do so in the days leading up to or on the full moon when the monthly energy is most buoyant.

Ways to make the most of a full moon

Moon bathe – Spend time meditating or contemplating under the light of the moon. The depth of how we feel about a situation is more easily discerned now.

Ground – As the energy surges, it can be helpful to be in nature, eat root veggies, and/or use some intentional natural fragrance like our IMPERIUM, MOTUS NO 4, MOTUS NO 7, SENSUALI or NATIVUS TERRA containing grounding oils of Labdanum, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Sandalwood.

Practice gratitude – With strong emotions around, we do well to focus on what we’re grateful for so those things are energised.

Connect with water – A swim or a bath can let the nurture of water assist our epiphanies, breakthroughs and releases.

Avoid arguments – The sense of a pressure that must release can make us tense. Let the light illuminate what is or isn’t working, and be intentional about how to move forward.

Charge up crystals – The light of the full moon is cleansing and energising for our crystals and natural material jewellery.

Express – A good cry, laugh, dance, some journaling or a heart-to-heart chat can allow the release of anything building up.

Affirm – It’s time to affirm what we’ve created or our progress towards it, rather than setting new intentions which are more of a new moon ritual.

Celebrate – The romance and beauty of a full moon brings out the feminine energy at her most exuberant time of the month, making it a magical night to celebrate life.

Thanks again to Melis for the honour of writing for your With Intent blog.

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