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Slow down... let me be still with you

Whether you’re a woman or a man, she is there - the feminine heart that seeks to meet you in stillness, inviting you to slow down and be still with her.

Whenever I listen to this track (best click on image above to avoid the ads), I feel it in my soul, hearing the call to join my essence.

The beats are those of uplifting trance, yet it offers a deep emotional meditation that takes you into another world. It feels like the right mix to align with the truth of the funky, passionate and peaceful feminine spirit.

As with most of the music that stirs my soul, this track was introduced to me by my uber Piscean husband Wayne, with his love for Chicane, elevating, melodic trance and Bo Bruce’s truly epic vocals.

Still With You never fails to rouse a gathering - and we play it every time - with its deep pulse and feels, and lyrics so simple they enter your core.

Let it electronica your world.

Slow down

Let me be still with you

Still with meSlow down

Chicane feat. Bo Bruce - Still With Me (Disco Citizens Remix)

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