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Ground down to basics to thrive

Updated: May 25, 2022

Blonde Border Collie dog looking perky
Best keep your eye on the ball like Sergeant when it comes to consolidating what's truly necessary, and valuing the simple joys and meanings in life. How we do this over the next 18 months sets us up for a solid future.

Don't know about you, but the recent spate of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio have been hecka, alongside Mercury retrograding to regurgitate something old we're still mastering, and/or give us new ideas and revelations about something in life. Mercury retrograde ends 4 June, but the eclipses keep rumbling the next 18 months in the collective and the realms of our personal lives where we carry Taurus and Scorpio energy, so the themes are worth embracing.

The upshot is we're being urged and assisted to embrace simple and grounded Taurus energy as we release complex, secretive and entangled Scorpio energy that no longer serves.

This cycle is pushing the evolution of how we handle money, resource management (including rations and supply chains... stock up on what you really need as shortages will get more intense for a while), refinement of values and lifestyle choices to bring real meaning to life, and issues around power and control.

What Scorpio in shadow is like... this is what's being purged

Nothing wrong with water sign Scorpio - as with every sign it carries shadow and light as part of its wholeness. In light it's passionate, powerful, transformational, healing, sexy, deep, sensitive and intuitive. But its shadowy aspects are being purged this cycle so it's important to understand them.

Scorpio rules debt, shared resources and money lending and transactions, and mysterious phenomena like 'digits on a screen' that may mean nothing when it comes down to it. It likes to wheel'n'deal, holding a mist around what's going on as a way to keep control. At worst, it's nasty, vengeful, jealous, possessive and attached, and controlling. It rules fears and the submerged murky feelings and secrets we'd rather don't see the light of day, in the self and the collective.

What Taurus in light is like... this is what we embrace

The earthy sign of Taurus wants to see it, hold it, taste it and sniff it... it likes a bird in the hand as it refines what we really need to thrive with abundance. It loves the finer things in life, but nothing frivolous or surplus to true needs.

We do best in this eclipse cycle to get very Taurean by reducing debt, consolidating possessions, clarifying what's really important, growing veggies, connecting with community to share resources, reusing and recycling, and embracing the simple pleasures and the satisfying abundance they offer. It's about 'the good life'.

We’re urged to build stability and practical sustenance, and to embrace a more enlightened value system that transcends attachment to material possessions, sensual over-indulgence, and even other people.

I am loving our local Buy Nothing Facebook page where good things are shared - lemons, plants, clothes, household stuff etc. It's so Taurean in the sustainable re-use, and also very New Age of Aquarius with the community connection. I got a bag of oregano yesterday and pureed it to freeze, ready to pop a cube into the next spag bog.

Pile of fresh oregano
Such satisfaction and gratitude to prep the oregano... this is the way of the holy cow, thank you Taurus energy, on offer to us all in spades in the next 18 months. Life goes better when we roll with it.

What the eclipses and karmic nodes through Taurus/Scorpio mean for you The cycle of seven eclipses began November 2021 and ends October 2023, and we just had the third on 16 May with a total eclipse in Scorpio.

All eclipses are harbingers of change - they usher in evolution. Eclipses are triggered by the movement of the moon’s karmic south and north nodes, or past and future destiny markers, now moving through Scorpio and Taurus respectively in essentially the same timeframe. Thus economic and resource management will continue experiencing upheaval, especially with the planet of shake-ups and liberation, Uranus, still moving through Taurus the coming few years. Watch out for more inflation, economic disruptions, and resource management issues.

Through limited access to resources (both money and tradie availability), we've gotten super Taurean in our kitchen reno. Something the DIY lovers have known all along is that it's not hard once you demystify it.

Importance of the USA The USA is a big world player and particularly so during the coming couple of years, as it has a huge astrological transformation underway in its chart as a country.

The USA had its first of three exact Pluto return points on 20 February 2022 (let’s take comfort from the 22222 energy in this date, signifying faith and trust), with the whole transit lasting until 2024. This brings the energy of death and rebirth to the USA, starting with the (continuing) crumbling of the old and toxic. This transformation does and will continue to make ripples and waves globally with an emphasis on issues around money and resource management, and of course, control and power. There is a spotlight on government, big business, authority figures, and anyone in a position of great power.

The Land of the Free is reborn but not without challenge, which involves flushing out the snakey or scorpion-y tentacles that were there anyway.

Are we there yet

You may be thinking… enough with the major transformations and whitewashing it as ‘rebirthing’. Regardless, it’s all part of our transition to a New Earth based on a galactic cycle of evolution. We’re in the thickest throes of this evolutionary shift, which sees us fall into separation before we rise again, unified, taking all we learned from the creative contrast of the playground of light and dark. The intensity of the period we’re now in lifts from 2028 as the light life establishes for those choosing it, while those not ready continue in the old dimension. In a divine irony, we’re reaching unity through a kind of separation as the new diverges from the old. As well as simplifying and consolidating our grounded lives, we are urged to more deeply access the knowledge within our soul. Taurus asks us to immerse ourselves in the earthly world and our five senses, so from there we can unlock our sixth sense to open up to the spiritual realm. It lets us experience Heaven on Earth. The Buddha was a Taurus and shows us the way, to know more see my latest Supernal article, page 48.

You know you incarnated to be part of this huge shift in consciousness and it is celebrative… we’ve been through a massive evolutionary journey across many lives to be at the point of unifying again. The whole game is rigged in our favour, we just need to keep in our light lane. Keep the faith, it's destined.

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