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Arachne spins us to the New Earth

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, September/October 2022 edition

We’re full steam ahead to a galactically-destined era of unity after 12,000 years of separation, and high frequency souls known as the Star Children are here en masse assisting the transition.

There’s an intriguing theory that these souls are aligned with the transformational and illusion-transcending energy of the spider goddess Arachne.

Arachne’s gifts of psychic perception – her ‘spidey senses’ - know that all matter is illusion and that truth is found in the divine threads of creation. She knows how to work from the centre of the web and spin outwards, freely traversing, understanding and weaving the threads of light.

Just what we need to get unstuck from the web of illusion we’ve been caught in for eons!

Like a spider, we are the creators of our webs, but when working from a consciousness based in separation, we create in uncontrolled ways and get ourselves stuck.

In information channelled from ‘Jalarm the Atlantean’ via the late Valerie Barrow, Rainbow Children in particular have a strong connection with Arachne, which some say is a 13th star sign for those born 15 May to 14 June.

Regardless of the theory’s validity, the concept of Arachne’s ability to exit the sticky web is fascinating in context of the Star Children and their mission to pave the way out of maya – illusion - into unity.

Psychic gifts

According to Jalarm the Atlantean, Arachne energy brings gifts of psychic ability to see truth beyond the illusion of matter.

Arachne knows we can be in form and no form at the same time, able to weave in a manifest reality from a place of connection with the formless unified consciousness.

Arachne’s sacred venom dissolves mundane consciousness to show the web and how to spin it as creators. What we seek then comes to us, as the fly does to the accurately-placed and designed spider’s web.

Cursed to spin

Arachne is described in a Greek myth as a gifted and confident weaver who challenged Goddess Athena to create the best tapestry.

Arachne called out the separative behaviour of the gods and goddesses in her superb weaving. It made Athena jealous and angry about Arachne’s ‘arrogance’ in exposing the truth with perfect precision.

In wrath, Athene turned Arachne into a spider endlessly spinning from her own body rather than a higher source, symbolising separation and its limitation and misery.

We’re due a new chapter in Arachne’s story as the wheels of time have brought us to the point in our galactic cycle where we return to unity, having gained much experience and creative expansion through the contrast of duality.

To get there takes not only psychic attunement, but also Arachne’s pluck, and the Star Children carry both.

Arachne pulls strings

Another voice on Arachne came via a book called The Thirteenth Zodiac – Arachne Rising in the late 1970s. Turns out to be a hoax, a spoof of astrology, from a man devoted to hard science and disdainful of the mystical.

Author James Sladek spun a web of illusion by using an authoritative voice and citing research to deceive, and prove the gullibility of, those who enjoy astrology. Such folly isn’t confined to any opposition between science and mysticism but is right across society as varying viewpoints seeking to dominate each other, forgetting we’re one.

In Arachne’s case, perhaps Sladek was the one being deceived since in dismissing her as illusional, he unwittingly served as her voice in the decade when the first wave of Star Children arrived. She seems to carry some trickster energy too, pulling those strings!

Even after he revealed the book a ruse, reportedly many people continued to connect with Arachne as he’d presented her, as if he faded into insignificance as they focused on the truly resonant. Perhaps they trusted their connection to the unknowable which comes of psychic attunement… the quality he defined as Arachne’s key trait.

Poison and cure

Beyond healthy caution, why are so many afraid of spiders (and snakes as represented by Ophiuchus, the other controversial contender as a 13th star sign)?

Fear is the product of illusionary separation, bound by the tangled threads of the lower webs. When we are trapped we’re seemingly the prey of our own karma, and can instinctively connect spiders to this fearful experience.

The evolved Arachne knows how to move and create beyond these shadowy webs, so befriending her can help us do the same. Her poison can also be the cure.

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