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Lilith's connection with the Galactic Centre and Super Galactic Centre

After my first chat with galactic gal and fellow astrologer Ellie of Saturn Season, who is doing important research on the Galactic Centre and the Super Galactic Centre, we decided to talk more about Lilith's connection to these big hitters.

My astrology chart has Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, and Asteroid Lilith conjunct the Super Galactic Centre, and my ascendant is exactly on the Galactic Centre, and exactly squaring Asteroid Lilith and Pluto. These are huge energies and although I didn't know about this set up before I wrote I Am Lilith, it surely makes sense that I would.

What are the Galactic and Super Galactic Centres?

The Galactic Centre lies at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy and is a gigantic black hole, as big as four million suns, which sucks all matter into it. It sits at 26-27º Sagittarius (see if your chart has planets or points there or within a couple of degrees... it would explain a lot about yourself).

The Milky Way is one of tens of thousands of galaxies forming a super galaxy that in turn revolves around the Super Galactic Centre. It sits at 1º Libra (see if your chart has any planets or points there or very close... if so, you would do well to understand its influence further).

Lilith is right at home in these hubs of creation

Lilith's true essence is a master of the polarised forces of creation in service of light and creation.

In the inverted Tree of Life, Lilith is the demoness of the bottom point or sephira that corresponds to the upright Tree of Life's Malkuth, the point of Earthly existence referenced as 'Kingdom' and related to the soles of the feet and base chakra.

Malkuth is inseparably connected to the top Heaven point like the serpent eats its tail in the sacred Ouribos. The Heaven and Earth points can't be separated, ever.

Lilith represents taking the deepest dive to the bottom of the shadowlands of Malkuth energy, then emerging again. It's also the essential story of Inanna's descent to the underworld and many other myths and stories.

The point in consciousness evolution is NOW that Lilith and what she represents in that sense is complete in her journey, having made it to hell and back. I Am Lilith tells this story and how the ascent now is galatically-ordained.

She is in all of us as an energy expression. She never forsakes us when we are lost or spinning in the shadows, but holds truth always so we can return home after our heroic journeys.

Lilith does not bow to illusion, and instead calls us up to meet her eye to eye. She's all about equality because we are One, and she refuses to engage with us when we attempt to put ourselves on the bottom - she's a tough-love task master in this sense.

Why Lilith and the Galactic Centres are so aligned

The Galactic Centres hold immense power based on the polarised forces of creation which draw in (yin) and push out (yang) energy, holding the creation of our galaxy in place and evolving it. Its power includes distorting space and time, so it can have a distorting effect on our own energies.

At best these are incredibly spiritualising energies, at worst the distortion can pull us either side of the polarity forces, which can spiral us into light or shadow if we're in a state of duality consciousness. Lilith energy represents this massively potent creative energy.

In this chat with Ellie, we talk about my strong Galactic Center scene which explains a lot about my connection to spiritualising the Lilith energy and my exploration around feminine and masculine energies playing at wrestling each other for a while before reuniting at a higher level of evolution. That good bit is now galactically due, for us all.

Thank you Ellie. If you want to find out more about the Galactic Centre and Super Galactic Centre or Ellie's other work, check out her site Saturn Season or YouTube channel Let's F with Astrology.

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