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The Galactic Center in our astrology charts

When doing some research on how the Galactic Centre as shown in our astrological charts affects us, I came across galactic gal Ellie of Saturn Season, who is doing some important research on this topic.

She invited me to be part of her Galactic Center Diaries interviews, where people talk about how these energies play out in their lives and I jumped at the chance.

The Galactic Centre lies at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy and is a gigantic black hole, as big as four million suns, which sucks all matter into it.

It holds immense power based on the polarised forces of creation which draw in (yin) and push out (yang) energy, holding the creation of our galaxy in place and evolving it. Its power includes distorting space and time, so it can have a distorting effect on our own energies.

At best these are incredibly spiritualising energies, at worst the distortion can pull us either side of the polarity forces, which can spiral us into light or shadow if we're in a state of duality consciousness.

These energies are a lot to wrangle and hold extraordinary potentials for light, which is all that's real although we play with shadow along the way to fully realising our true light nature.

Those of us with chart contacts to these galactic and beyond points do well to learn more about how we are influenced, and how to make the best of it.

If you have planets or points around 26/27º Sagittarius or aspecting that area of your chart, and/or have planets or points around 1º Libra (the Super Galactic Centre, a point way beyond our Milky Way Galaxy that is the centre point fo about 30 galaxies... it's next level) or 26/27º Gemini (Anti Galactic Centre), you may want to check out some of Ellie's findings and musings on this potent energy at her site.

I have a strong Galactic Center scene as my ascendant is right on it, and this surely explains a lot, including my connection to spiritualising the Lilith energy and my exploration around feminine and masculine energies playing at wrestling each other for a while before reuniting at a higher level of evolution. That good bit is now galactically due, for us all.

This point has a massive impact on us as individuals, the human race, our solar system and the entire galaxy as we evolve through the process of revolving around it, based on the interplay of yin and yang in the higher polarity expressions, and light and shadow when we're still in a denser duality construct. These hefty concepts can be brought down to Earth as we look at how these themes are part of our human lifetimes.

Right now, in a big astro cycle called the Grand Precessional Cross that has the Galactic Centre at its heart, Earth has just entered an era of unity based on the higher expression of the two forces of creation, feminine and masculine.

This cycle, developed by the late and great astrologer and astronomer Nick Anthony Fiorenza, is the backdrop to my novel I Am Lilith.

For astrology lovers curious about the Galactic Centre and friends in my chart

My 27º Sag ascendant right on the Galactic Centre squares my Pluto and asteroid Lilith at 27º Virgo in my 10th house of career and higher calling, which are conjunct the Super Galactic Centre at 1º Libra (along with my Black Moon Lilith at 29º Virgo).

My 27º Gemini descendant or partnership point is right on the Anti Galactic Centre, so the questing for spiritual unity with a partner - my husband Wayne - is a huge deal in this lifetime, and along with all the galactic point factors, is at the foundation of I Am Lilith.

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