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The People's Revolution begins March 2023 - Pluto in Aquarius

Harry Styles with a white goose
Harry Styles epitomises Aquarian energy.

We have a huge shift starting 23 March 2023 when Pluto moves into the rad 'power to the people' sign of higher love, Aquarius, further establishing the New Age of Aquarius which lasts about 2,200 years. Due to Pluto's retrogrades, March will kick off a couple of years of wrestling between authoritarian Capricorn and libertarian Aquarius before we stay in Aquarius from 2024 until 2044. The macro New Age of Aquarius continues as our earthly backdrop theme for the next 2,200 or so years, with this initial era setting foundations. The shift is ultimately bringing a progression of the human race based on freedom, egalitarianism, futuristic development of many kinds, and Oneness as it gives stodgy systems of authoritarian control and greedy separation the flick. Viva la Revolution was the catch-cry of the French revolution, which was the last time Pluto was in Aquarius, so we have an idea of how things will roll... this time let's make it peace and not heads. Revolution = social (Aquarius) change/transformation (Pluto) How will it change us? Let's look at that after we get to know more of the Aquarius vibe through an exemplar of the energy.

Skip this if you don't like Harry, he'd understand

Pop megastar Harry Styles has his sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the futuristic, unconventional, ideas-loving and free-flowing sign of Aquarius and naturally epitomises its cool 'love one, love all', 'live and let live' and 'love is love' energy.

His current world tour is called Love on Tour, and he opens every show saying 'feel free to be whoever you want to be in this room tonight' in an Aquarian affirmation of respecting individual free expression. His merch is covered in his 'Treat People with Kindness' logo. Coolly universal love is his emanation.

Electric blue is the colour of Aquarius and Harry wears it a lot. The pic at top has him hanging with a goose, birds being a symbol of the air element of Aquarius. He cuts a starkly modern figure mixing it up in a room of old fashioned men's busts. For Mahat Meditation and ITA lovers, note the red and blue or masculine and feminine colours he wears. He seems to work with men and women equally I've noticed. Women form at least half the band on his current tour.

Aquarius is the sign of gayness and the free gender flows we're seeing rising in humanity, again shown by Harry's love of cross dressing and support of the rainbow scene, while keeping his sexuality his own business.

What will Pluto in Aquarius mean?

Pluto takes over 200 years to move through the whole zodiac, so it's a major deal when she changes signs (I feel Pluto is a feminine energy, although the masculine god of the underworld, Hades, is known as Pluto by another name). Perhaps both s/he can be used accurately.

Pluto is the bringer of death and rebirth, so as s/he moves out of authoritarian, traditional, hierarchical Capricorn and into wild'n'free Aquarius, we will see concern for human rights and freedoms rise. New and progressive ideas and life approaches, and the freedom of speech to express about them, will become the norm.

The 0.00001% (or so) people and massive organisations that hold 99% of the world's wealth and power will no longer pull the strings to dictate in sneaky and overt ways how we live. Absurdly unequal distributions of wealth and power will be dismantled.

While right now we're seeing increased attempts at tyranny and control at very obvious levels, the Age of Aquarius will not tolerate it as the people will rise to claim freedom. At a higher cosmic level of evolution this goes even beyond the turning of the Ages, as we are now due an era of unity as part of a macro galactic cycle. Read this for the upshot.

Separation, greed and control can't continue to exist for those who are ready for a New Earth. Those who aren't there yet will continue on the Wheel of Karma. Huge leaps will occur (even more than we're seeing now!) in technology, space travel, earthly transportation methods, humanitarianism and equality, connection with galactic neighbours (watch out for sneaky agendas trying to mess with this though), and the embrace of different folks having different strokes.

Freedom loving rebel Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and carries the same essential energies, as was very evident in the 1960s hippy free love scene. That era arose due to major Uranus transits teaming up with power player Pluto and spiritual idealist Neptune.

The shadows to watch out for

As with all energies playing out when we still have duality consciousness around, there is light and shadow. Aquarius has its own brand of shadow, already evident in the world around us.

Gender fluidity is part of Aquarian energy, and it’s interesting to see the many interplays of feminine and masculine energy unfolding. In highest truth, the two polarities are One and Aquarius knows this. In shadow, this can be distorted as if we haven't healed and integrated our own feminine and masculine energies then we can't know who we truly are. We risk losing ourselves by experimenting from a foundation of self that isn't solid, which can be preyed upon by dicey agendas.

Wokeism (being woke is excessive political and social correctness that ironically implodes to exclude others) is an Aquarius shadow expression. In light, being awake is about embracing diversity from a genuine love and respect for all the ways we humans turn up in a lifetime and caring for equality for all. Wokeism brings more separation.

Another shadow expression of Aquarian energy is herd mentality. It's a strange irony, as Aquarius rules the tribe and seeks the highest good of the collective. But when the inclusive and colourful tribe sinks into a baser same-thinking herd, it ends up excluding or fearing those that don't think the same as the rest of the flock.

More shadows to watch out for are cold and heartless scientific and tech approaches and the loss of nature reverence and human warmth. The cool futuristic Aquarius energy brings huge leaps in technology and science for the betterment of humankind, so long as our intentions are of love and connection.

Social, financial, medical equality all round

The last 14 years as Pluto moved through earthy Capricorn have transformed how we experience status, tradition, rules and regulations, authority, money, success and achievement.

If you recall significant life changes that began in 2008, the themes might be flaring up again now as we prepare to leave the Pluto in Capricorn influence. We often get a recap blast of a theme before a major shift takes place, just to check we’ve integrated our learnings.

Pluto was moving through my 2nd house of money the last 14 years, and surely I’ve known about it. The transformation in my empowerment and reclamation of worth to make my own money, humility around money and how fortunes can come and go in the changing tides of life, and compassion for people experiencing money struggles has been huge.

Now we're moving into a very different vibe with Pluto going into the fixed air sign of Aquarius - at risk of repetition it is futuristic, humanitarian, community and tribe focused, tech loving, intelligent with an airy and avant garde wisdom and eclectic/ funky/ uniquely modern style.

Crypto is here to stay and if we use it well, without the greedy control and agendas, it's totally the way forward.

The new vibe of Pluto in Aquarius is about what we know and the knowledge and ethics we live by, rather than more Capricornian concerns over what car we drive or job title we have or what the rules set by the 'elite' tell us. The elite get the big delete in the New Age of Aquarius, as we live All for One and One for All.

So very ready

We're so ready for the New Age in its true sense, and March 2023 heralds its rising next level.

Wherever Aquarius sits in the 12 realms of life in your astrology chart is about to get a liberating transformation over the next 22 years.

Pluto may bring upheaval as part of its transformational power, but we can do our best to get through the revolution with peaceful effectiveness as we're kind to each other.

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