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Temple of Lilith calls us to own our wisened light

Melanie Dufty holding a sword and seated on a sofa, Ellie Deighton behind her
I was invited to be a muse for Ellie Ann Deighton's Temple of Lilith song, part of her 13 track album Temple Calling. This involved being part of an amazing photoshoot by Fifth of a Second assisted by Align Your Divine Photography.

I felt uncomfortable seeing this album cover image. I felt I looked mean, hard.

The power around this song, Temple of Lilith, part of the forthcoming album Temple Calling by Ellie Ann Deighton, with 13 songs dedicated to feminine aspects, stirred up some murky depths.

The background to all this is that Ellie reached out to me a while back, telling me how she loved my novel ✨ I Am Lilith ✨ She is an extraordinarily sensitive and passionate creative, a writer and musician. She asked if she could dedicate Temple of Lilith to the book 🙌

Looking into my feelings about the image, I realised I wasn’t accepting a part of self that has great strength gained through journeying long and hard. We all have.

Lilith represents the feminine in us that has been to hell and back, and brings seriousness and strength, a power that comes of all that’s been experienced. She knows how to fight, but doesn’t want to. She wasn’t born yesterday, but has done the whole circuit, she has suffered, and in that she has grown. Can’t expect anyone to look fresh out of Heaven’s gates when coming from this perspective.

This photo and the song Temple of Lilith asked me to surrender more to the deeper beauty of my soul and all it has experienced within the Lilith spirit.

About 16 years ago, one of my beloved and extremely kind spiritual teachers, the late Tibetan Lama Geshe Lodoe Gyatso, visited Perth to offer teachings with Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Conscious, where I continue to study. He called me to the front of class, and said ‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ The class was silent, unsure of what to say, and finally everyone agreed. I bawled. It’s only now that I really understand why he gifted me with that experience.

Somewhere deep inside I felt I was bad, ugly, wicked, rotten to the core, and those walls needed the sledgehammer of words lovingly said, and a group of people as witness.

Years later, I had a dream about a beautiful baby girl in a pink dress, and her innocent grief in saying ‘daddy will be angry I dirtied my pretty pink dress’. It was just before I started my novel, and I called it Dirty Dress, sensing a new name would come in due course. The real name is I Am Lilith, and it can speak to the depths of self if you turn to face it, or trigger a turn away.

The story of the deep is beautiful

Lilith is the feminine in all of us that has been to the depths of duality, as her gift to evolve creation. She is of the highest Heavens and she is ruler of the bottom of the bottom of the inverted Tree of Life. Her role is to hold us in truth as we explore who we truly are in the mirror image of illusion. If you want to understand this, my blog ‘ EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards - Lilith is the wholeness ’ might help.

We need contrast to create, and she is a master at never forgetting the true self even in the deepest throes of the illusion of shadow. She never forsakes the parts of us that linger in deep dark hidden pockets of shame, fear, grief, loneliness, misunderstanding, abandonment, lack. These parts get triggered by love - or call it Lilith - in endless efforts to get us to remember who we are, and we can’t do that by denying what is buried.

It must be excavated, so while positivity and light focus is crucial for beautiful fresh creation, when it comes to what lies beneath and pulls the shadowy strings, we must go down into it to bring light before we can create from undistorted energy.

The love, and feminine love in particular, in Ellie's album Temple Calling (releases 11.11), stirred me to a new level of accepting the beauty and goodness of the journey to hell and back we all know. Rather than to be shamed or feared, it is to be celebrated, and the song Temple of Lilith does that to perfection.

Thank you so much Ellie for what you create. You have woven together a collaboration of win-wins, dedicating a song to each woman you see as resonating with it, and serving to evoke more of that essence in her through the embrace of the role.

Temple Calling is true to its name… so far it has truly called me forth even more deeply into the temple of the true self. I feel the other women are also feeling this calling.

The single Temple of Lilith releases on 1 September, and if you’re keen to hear, please consider pre-saving it on Spotify which makes a huge difference to the platform pushing the song when it comes out.

And happy new moon in Leo, exact today, which happens to land right on Black Moon Lilith now moving through Leo. It’s time for Lilith to be seen and heard. Lilith, show your hand.

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