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EVIL is LIVE spelled backwards - Lilith is the wholeness

I used to feel nervous at Sunday School when I heard the bible quote ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil…’ Sounded bloody scary! Still, it’s always been my favourite line in Coolio’s Gangstas’s Paradise from the 1994 movie Dangerous Minds. It’s sad he died of a heart attack last year at 59 years old. Lyrics include -

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I take a look at my life and realise there's not much left

'Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long, that

Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone Holding onto our right minds and even our lives as we traverse the valley of death - or duality - is a helluva tough road, and Lilith has the t-shirt. In the ancient Jewish Kabbalistic tradition, Lilith is connected to the bottom qliphoth (these are the 10 ‘evil’ forces) in the Tree of Death that corresponds to the Tree of Life's sephira (the 10 creative or ‘live’ forces by which the Creator is said to become manifest). That Lilith is called a demoness is a duality-based perception. In truth, as she is master of the shadow qliphoth then she is also master of the light expression or Malkuth sephira and its power to create life. Malkuth is called the valley of the shadow of death as it is the gateway we cross from the divine Tree of Life into a material experience where duality or ‘evil’ can exist.

What separates 'evil' from 'live'?

Lilith always resides in the truth of what it is to LIVE, as she guides us through the valley of death where we are exposed to its perceived opposite, EVIL. Spelling these words backwards shows they’re made of the same components used differently. It’s all one circle of the same energy. We need contrast to create and this is the template we use - we can do so without suffering as we raise consciousness. Lilith is also associated with the Tree of Life’s sephira Yesod, which is our foundation and relates to sexuality and fertility. Both Malkuth and Yesod make sense if you know what Lilith is associated with, but for this piece I’ll focus on Malkuth. The upshot is Lilith knows all about the valley of death - our incarnated experience of duality - including why we take it on, what we do, and how we arise re-born. If we fear her, we fear ourselves, and can’t transcend dense separation to find what it is to truly live.

Lilith is the Kundalini

The deepest sephira which is inseparably connected to Lilith - Malkuth - relates to the base chakra and soles of the feet. It is where our Kundalini or fiery serpent energy is held as the sleeping coiled serpent awaiting our awakening.

It holds our Shakti or feminine dynamic force that animates all of creation, giving us life and moving the planets in a cosmic dance called ‘Lila’.

This universal energy is often personified as the Divine Mother, the primal feminine force that sparked creation in this universe. She has many names, and one of them is Lilith.

Lilith moves freely between the gates of Heaven and Earth and never wavers from the eternal light of the Kether sephira at the top of the Tree of Life, which is the inseparable partner to Malkuth at the bottom, like the serpent eats its tail in the Ourobos.

The Heaven and Earth points can't be separated as the feminine and masculine of polarity can never be anything but One, nor can any energy that is perceived as having an opposite. This is the true Lilith energy - master of polarity at a higher level, and master of duality at an incarnated level.

Lilith offers us the gift of evolution
cover of book Spiritual Essence of Man
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's book The Spiritual Essence of Man is incredible in its simplicity, presenting the complex Tree of Life in supremely simple terms... quite miraculous and super accessible to read and integrate.

Through spiritual studies and experience - especially helped by the late Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s book The Spiritual Essence of Man on the inverted Tree of Life, and connecting my learnings with Lilith, assisted greatly by Mahat Meditation and ITA energy medicine with the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness - I’ve come to find much liberating meaning within the ‘valley of death’ quote.

Lilith's role as the divine feminine that gifts us embodied life with blood running through our veins has seen her falsely called evil, as when we’re in the valley of death we see things in the duality of black and white, often through shadow expressions.

She never forsakes us to that Underworld (or you could see it as the Upside Down, for Stranger Things fans) no matter how much of it we projected upon her, and there has been plenty - she’s been exiled, shamed, imprisoned, repressed, feared, hated, ignored and held in contempt.

The time is now in a galactic cycle

Right on time, the true Lilith is revivifying within all those ready. The story of Lilith and her refusal to be put beneath Adam describes a galactic astrological cycle called the Grand Precessional Cross, which saw the feminine and masculine seem to separate for a while. It is about our experience of duality, and the cycle we take to return to unity, expanded and evolved by our adventures.

As a gift to evolution, she plunged into the the creative contrast of duality’s underworld and rose again, standing with us through the valley of death and never letting go of the Heavenly anchor.

Her return is seen in the rise of the empowered feminine we’re seeing in our world. This energy is the unified feminine, which contains the yin and yang forces of creation in balance.

She rises out of the deep waters of the divine feminine to light the fire of our Kundalini serpent so we can complete the Heaven on Earth circle.

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