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Soul searching preps us to free an aspect of self

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We're doing some soul searching that demands Saturnian hard yards and a bit of 'enough is enough'.

We have a helpful shake up from late this month and continuing through August (peaking very late July and first couple of days of August), bringing dynamism and a new freedom to an area of our lives that's been long stuck and/or has been pushing us into some deep soul searching.

It's due to a line up at 18º Taurus, involving wild liberator (and shameless stirrer) Uranus, action man Mars and the positive karmic direction point known as the north node, ganging together to bring fast, possibly chaotic and disruptive, unexpected and/or radical shifts to take us forward. It could be topsy turvy, but is ultimately positive - something in our lives could turn on a dime.

On a collective level, we may see unexpected developments in technology, the way groups of people and communities roll, financial systems, resource management (availability, price), and the stock market.

Personally, we see themes continue to unfold especially where we have Taurus in one of the 12 astrological realms of life – it could be our money and values, shared money and resources, how we communicate, home and family, partnerships, friends and groups, work and career, health, spirituality etc.

It can be very karmic (especially with Lord of Karma Saturn now retrograding and digging up the old stuff), with situations and relationships that have affected our self-worth, definition of true values, and our ability to live with abundance pushing us to evolve.

The Taurean realm of life in our charts is going to be involved, but there will also be associated themes around all the planets involved, interacting with the complexity of our entire chart.

If we have planets or points at 18º or a couple of degrees either side in any of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) or in the other earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn), we will feel this line up more strongly. Regardless, this energy will impact everyone.

Taurus is a solid foundational energy representing our life values, self-worth and what it takes to sustain and thrive in real solid ways - it's about the good life. Taurus puts the Earth in Heaven on Earth.

If we’ve grown away from something or someone that is not supporting our best path forward to find Heaven on Earth, we can now finalise it or adjust the situation with clarity.

The eclipse cycle themes are still full steam ahead

Evolutionary cycles that have been playing up since the eclipse season across Taurus-Scorpio started in late November last year, and reared up large in April and May, are going another level towards a completion or up-levelling with the upcoming conjunctions.

The upshot is we're being urged and assisted to embrace simple and grounded Taurus energy including self-worth, as we release complex, tumultuous, secretive and entangled Scorpio energy that no longer serves.

Bubbling up from a Scorpionic well are deep emotions, old pains, self-worth issues, reassessment of values, and/or the realisation we cannot continue on a certain path. There is insistence that we drop deeper into self to address something significant to bring about a grounded experience of the good life.

We're in the throes of a real change in being who we are, and superficial approaches or distractions won't budge it.

This is true for us personally and also collectively, where we are pushed to find our true values beyond just aligning with an opinion, to find our worth as human beings to live with abundance in a world where scarcity (shadow Taurus) and manipulation and control (shadow Scorpio) are playing up big time. Try not to be disheartened or cynical, it's about moving us forward.

Although a depth of self is stirred with many feelings arising, ultimately these Taurus-Scorpio activations are urging us to build stability and practical sustenance, and to embrace a more enlightened value system that transcends attachment to material possessions, sensual over-indulgence, and even other people. See my recent blog Ground down to basics to thrive.

Saturn retrograding at the same time

Bringing another level of transformation to our grounded experience of life is Saturn retrograding, which started 4 June at 25 degrees of Aquarius and ends 23 October at 18 Aquarius.

We’re all put through Saturnian bootcamp on a foundational area of life where we have more maturing or evolution to do.

The mature and practical demands of Saturn retrograde align well with the solid Taurean direction we're all pushed to take. Roll with the punches and when in doubt, make sensible decisions rather than flighty ones.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, and in retrograde motion presents us with extra opportunities to address ours.

The purpose is to help us develop sturdier foundations, boundaries and commitments that serve for the long haul. We’re generally required to take on more responsibility, probably around core life issues like work and career paths, money and resource management, and boundaries with others, or to face up to something deeply significant that requires self-discipline and maturity.

The issues that arise are not new ones, as a planet that’s retrograding - or appears to be moving backwards - digs up the past to give us another shot at progressing what needs resolution. We might’ve thought we were done with a situation, and feel dismayed to find ourselves back through the wringer for a re-do or some finessing.

No nonsense Saturn rules boundaries, structure, work, persistence, rules and regulations, restrictions, and accountability, so these themes arise in some way. The bottom line is we’re pushed to find more sovereignty based on maturity.

Whichever house or life realm Saturn in Aquarius is traversing in our natal charts, alongside where our natal Saturn sits, are getting some tough love to forge the structures that support our more lofty dreams.

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipses and upcoming conjunction of Uranus, Mars and the North Node in Taurus are in cahoots, so while it's no picnic, we're all moving ahead with the hard yards towards a better existence.

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