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Lilith is back - the more masculine side of the unified feminine returns

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, February 2022 edition.

There’s been great confusion around Lilith, who according to mythology, was Adam’s first wife before Eve. Lilith left Adam after he insisted she was beneath him, and she’s been mostly demonised and misunderstood ever since.

The story describes a galactic astrological cycle called the Grand Precessional Cross, which saw the feminine and masculine seem to separate for a while. We’re now at the point where we can most easily reunify, having evolved creation through the contrast. Right on time, the true Lilith is revivifying within all those ready.

Who is the true Lilith?

Lilith is a vastly loving and liberated energy carrying great power, representing the more masculine polarity of the unified feminine energy.

She would not lower her truth in the mythical story, and as a spirit she won’t do it for us either, insisting we transcend illusions around our own greatness to meet her eye to eye.

Her return is seen in the rise of the empowered feminine we’re seeing in our world. This energy is the unified feminine, which contains the yin and yang forces of creation in balance.

The feminine-feminine energy represented by the archetype of yin Eve has a more personal and emotional expression to its unconditional love, and has been more welcome in our world the past 6,000 years. The feminine-masculine within the feminine wholeness is represented by the yang Lilith, a more impersonally loving and collectively-focused expression. This energy has been exiled and feared to some level.

There is no longer any cosmic imperative for the feminine to split into duality expressions, as the time in the great cycle has come for unified flow between masculine and feminine energies of all kinds, including the Lilith and Eve. No more mother/whore or bitch/doormat duality expressions of the feminine!

Why is Lilith intimidating to many of us?

Lilith carries a detached energy. We’ve generally experienced detachment as a symptom of fear as we protect ourselves from something, and our insecurity can lead us to perceive Lilith as inaccessible, intimidating or unloving, through to evil. This is because we’ve projected fears of unworthiness and darkness onto her.

That many can find her unapproachable is because she doesn’t lower her vibration to meet illusional projections on who she is. She won’t entertain sordid façades based on a lack of love and truth, but in compassion she calls us to meet her as an equal.

Due to her refusal to fit into the narrow model of the all-sacrificing wife and mother that the patriarchal era prescribed, she was called a demonic child killer, evil seductress, a wicked serpent and the first vampire. Her inspired sexuality saw her called a whore.

She was associated with abortions, miscarriage, fertility problems and the deaths of babies and children, and known as a predator of pregnant and birthing women. Through thousands of years, countless people used amulets to ward off Lilith’s evil.

The dark shadow of the feminine does exist, and Lilith in her vast light contains it. In duality this can be expressed through her energies within us. Our feelings of being victimised, inferior, repressed, rageful, evil and/or shamed are often connected to our exiled Lilith energies.

If we feel a need to focus on shadow Lilith, she is coolly compassionate about the exploration, but she won’t lower her true frequency to meet us there. It’s our own shadow we’re trying to reconcile, but it isn’t the true essence of Lilith just as it is not our own.

Lilith’s role in our galactic cycle of evolution

That Lilith is so misunderstood makes sense in the galactic cycle. The part of the feminine she represents took a sabbatical to allow for the next phase of the creative contrast of masculine and feminine opposition we’ve experienced in the current ~24,000 to 26,000 year Grand Precessional Cross cycle, presented by the late Nick Anthony Fiorenza, in which the Earth's spin axis in space appears to trace a circle. Read about it in my previous blog.

It shows a separation then reunification of the feminine and masculine energies before we reunite, with the purpose of evolving consciousness.

The world is so hectic now as we see a seeming separation between those ready to unify, and those needing to stay in dense duality for another long cycle. A key choice point to evolve is here now, and unified Lilith is back to assist us to take it.

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