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Fate or free will in astrology?

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, June 2022 edition

As we attempt to understand and master life, we’re both fated with some predispositions in our outlooks and situations and blessed with the free will to conquer them.

Astrology is an important way many of us seek to understand self and life, with a variety of astrological approaches on offer.

More than one approach can be applied to understanding something. An object seen from its side is as true to itself as when seen from above, but each gives a different perspective - the intent to understand something is of the greater importance.

We are the ones who assign intent and meaning and the power of that goes beyond what our left-brain can compute. We create meaning. How we do this and so how we live is ultimately down to free will.

To understand more about free will in regards to astrology, we need to acknowledge two things – that we have free will in how we respond to what we encounter… but not always over what we encounter.

Whether we like it or not, ever-changing astrological patterns of energy are there and can be understood and predicted to some level.

To access free will to manage the fated parts of our lives - which reflect our soul’s plan and individual and collective karma - requires self-awareness and development. Our fated circumstances lead us towards our destiny, or the highest purpose of our soul, although this is a long and challenging path.

Thomas Aquinas, (1225 –1274) the Italian philosopher and theologian, said “The majority of men… are governed by their passions, which are dependent upon bodily appetites; in these the influence of the stars is clearly felt. Few are the wise who are capable of resisting their animal instincts.”

The more developed we are, the better we can use free will to manage the fated patterns we experience. Until we have some mastery, we’re puppets of the patterns.

Conscious will

People mostly understand astrological energies as happening to us, coming from external influences that cause us to be a certain way or experience situations.

But this is a huge misunderstanding. We’re not affected by planetary patterns – we are one with them. All is one. As above, so below. Understanding astrological energies can help us realise what’s going on within us.

Realising this is enormously empowering, allowing us to become better co-creators within the life we are one with.

For example, an aware person may have a transit from feisty Mars to natal Mars, amplifying the martial energy within them. In response they can choose to manage it constructively. To someone without such self awareness, the punchy energies cause them to get into conflict or act rashly. Either way, the energy is there and amplified within their experience.

We’re not fated to respond definitively to an astrological pattern, but we may be fated to experience it and to feel inclined to handle it a certain way. Ultimately, we have free will to transcend our fated inclinations and consciously direct our response.

How empowering to know we have some directorship ability to manage the patterns we experience in life, helping us navigate the difficult and amplify the good.

Collective fate

One in the 'Many - People of Earth' is a painting by June Nissinen

It’s more complicated when we look at collective energies, like macro astrological cycles that shape our human experience… is an awake soul held back by a sleepy collective?

In the macro astrological cycle I resonate with, the Grand Precessional Cross, we’ve just entered an era of unified consciousness. It’s based on the Earth’s spin axis in space turning to face the light of the galactic heart after 12,000 years of turning away.

That this movement is happening is fated, as is our presence here to be part of it, but will our free will take us on the highest path?

Many of us are embracing our free will and we know the path we choose – a New Earth based in unity.

We have active work to co-create our lives in the new experience, because although the evolutionary cycle itself is destined for light, we are free-will folk and must choose to get on board.

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