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Through another's eyes... the creation of I AM LILITH by guest blogger Jenna Lambert-Porter

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Mel (left) and I in September 2020.

28 October 2020, perhaps the most anticipated day of my year - the day the first hard copies of I Am Lilith arrived in Perth…

I have a clear memory of a conversation with Mel back in 2017. She had decided she was going to write a book and I was instantly intrigued. Firstly because I knew she was a gifted writer and that it would be epic, and secondly because I had a strong gut feeling that despite her talking of a spiritual memoir, her creation would be a work of fiction.

Fast forward some months and things were well underway, the plot was clear, the characters were coming to life and our frequent text message frenzies and catch ups were often enriched with thought provoking, outrageous and rollicking book-related conversations. Week after week we brainstormed ideas, often with fits of laughter or affirmative goosebumps, debated grand spiritual concepts and decoded the fated messages that had come in the gift of written words.

The much loved first manuscript in 2018.

A question that was asked to me early on - ‘I’m going to have to write sex scenes, aren’t I?’ My reply was one of finality, ‘Yes, definitely.’ And with that, her task was set - for no story of Lilith’s would be complete without them, would it?

As I expected, those words flowed through her effortlessly - creating such evocative, beautiful, intimate and deeply erotic scenes. The first one I read came to my phone in an unsuspecting text message ping while I was sitting at a bar, waiting for a flight at the Perth airport.

I never forget the wonderful bizarreness of the situation, surrounded by none the wiser strangers as I read such a revealing and soul exposing piece of writing from one of my closest friends. I felt the strength of her trust in me in that moment and heard the silent exchange – here I am.

I was deeply moved, and in awe of the raw talent that lay within the words before me. The fluid ease of the whole exchange just confirmed what I already knew - she is here to write fiction, and the work is destined.

I had read Mel’s writing before, but after reading this first scene I realised with absolute clarity - this book is going to be exquisite. I was excited to meet one character in particular, Lilith’s cousin and Priestess, Gemekala. I knew that I had inspired her and couldn’t wait to see what she got up to in the ancient city of Uruk.


In September I was holding the first completed manuscript in my hands

It was truly thrilling, and in great timing as I was leaving to fly to New York that night and knew I’d have a spare 24 hours or so.

Reading side by side with Gina Witt during a flight to Mexico – I Am Lilith has its second reader!

I began to see my own life with an immeasurable amount of clarity and compassion. While some parts of Gemekala have evolved and wisened with time, some are still to reach completion. Her dedication to her playful but wry humour is truly impressive and there were so many moments where my heart swelled with compassion for her for the challenges that lay ahead.

With all the book's characters playing their fated roles within turning the cycles of evolution, we can see and feel ourselves in all of them to varying degrees. An ever-flowing expression of our woven soul connections through lifetimes of creation together.

Over the next two years, I read the manuscript four more times, each time loving it more than the last. I felt like I got to know the characters intimately and would often randomly crack myself up after remembering a funny one-liner. I frequently meditated with the most current manuscript near me, or slept with it close by. From early on the book has felt alive and magnetic – it was as if just being in its presence was deeply nourishing.

My young dog Beau, always unusually patient while I was reading this book.

The story continued to deepen in complexity and details were finessed with each round of edits. The book kept giving and giving, revealing new layers of understanding and profound concepts - many times with a mind of its own, waiting patiently for us to catch up. I have no doubt that it will keep unfolding and that many more discoveries within its wisdom will come to pass.

With the book nearer to completion, it became clear that I Am Lilith would be self-published, and just as well because she ain’t one to fit into a traditional publisher's genre box!

This part of the process was incredible for me to witness, for the sheer determination and perseverance that I saw Mel show day after day to do something she’d never done before and to have no option but to just figure it out as she went along.


She had one goal, to be Lilith’s voice – and share her story with the world

What three years can do... the first manuscript to the book.

On 28 October 2020, I stood beside my beloved soul friend and now published author, Melanie Dufty and her family as she opened the box of hard copies and took her first novel, I Am Lilith into her hands. It was as thrilling and wonderful as I’d anticipated.

As I watched her admiring her masterpiece in form, I felt flooded with emotion and gratitude for how she so openly shared her creative process with me wholly, and trusted my input with the utmost faith – a true joy to share creativity with the ones we love.

The number of synchronistic events that I have witnessed since the initial birth of this creation back in 2017 is truly wild and at the same time, humbling beyond measure.

It’s confirmed to me the vastness of our reality, and also the infinite possibilities as we dance between the density and subtly of existence.

The long awaited book arrival day!

Holding this book in my hands, I feel a grounded solidity and calmness – Lilith’s wisdom and voice will be heard far and wide, awakening something new in everyone who chooses to hear.

Thank you to guest blogger and my dear friend, Jenna Lambert-Porter.

Jenna is a powerful ITA energy medicine practitioner, specialising in remote alignments so anyone anywhere in the world can benefit. She is also a gifted herbalist - find her at

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