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'That's it! I'm done/I'm doing it!' strong pronouncements due this full moon

cat with tarot cards
Adam likes to pull the odd card.

The Aquarius full moon this Sunday 22 August is gallant and generous. It'll be exact in Perth at 8.01pm (sorry to those in other lands, please look it up if you want to know the time in your locale).

This moon carries a definitive ‘that’s it! I’m over it/I’m doing it!’

There may be some dramatic flourish but it will also be firm and dignified, with the sun in Leo right on the regal royal fixed star, Regulus. The king or queen – you – will make your ruling and stake your claim.

Makes me think of Craig David’s song Walking Away. There’s some stagey angst but it brings us the moment we make up our mind – I’m walking away from the troubles in my life… I’m walking away to find a better day.

If that breakthrough comes via something being taken or disrupted, know it’s very good for you.

We’re shifting up a gear with this second full moon in Aquarius within a month. The first was at 1 degree on 24 July at the beginning of the sign, now we complete what’s been underway for the last month or so (it actually stretches back to April and what's gone on since then, too) with a 29 degree moon. This ending degree is ‘critical’ as it brings maxxed out energy. Something completes in relation to what the sign rules.

Aquarius rules community, society, friends, technology and science, equality, the future, black or rainbow sheep and individualism, communes and alternative ways of life, social media and the internet.

What’s ripe to let go of in order to embrace the new? It might be around how we connect with others and interact with communities and groups, share and hold ideas. What’s your future vision and what supports it? What must go?

The let go brings happiness and suits your direction, with lovely Venus trine the destiny-loving north node.

Punchy Mars aspecting moon ruler Uranus can make the change sudden but you direct it, even if external events push it.

The moon is next to bestower of goodness Jupiter, bringing upliftment and completion to your quest.

Things stuck on a loop now burst and you get the ‘that’s it!’ Angst at the collective and seeing too much on social media

an old grey globe and a  new world
Bye bye old Earth, we're due back in light town

We are in the throes of a massive evolutionary shift - it is written in the stars for right now and we are in the absolute thick of it. It will pass but like the Tower in the tarot, first it’ll crumble old and crusty set ups before we rebuild. It is inevitable that the old collapses. Our little wills have no bearing on the movements of the galaxy and its destined return to a cycle of Oneness. This cycle is connected to the ~24,000 to 26,000 year (it changes a bit all the time) precession of the equinoxes which gives us the ages, like the Age of Pisces and the newly born Age of Aquarius. On top of that cycle we have the Grand Precessional Cross or Holy Cross, which my novel I Am Lilith is based on. It sees humanity fall into believing we’re separate - that within ourselves the feminine/masculine aspects are separate so we're not whole, and this is expressed outside the self as separation from others. We take part in this crazy game for the creative juice, because the contrast of living who we are not strengthens and evolves who we are. Can’t know up without down, after all. But we’re done. We’re at the point of the cycle where we begin the return to unity, and the shift brings great upheaval. We must walk away from the old and create the New Earth, because although the cycle is destined to go light, it is up to us if we choose to get on board. Those who aren’t ready will go around on another long cycle in duality or separation consciousness. We’ll all do as we like and that’s just fine. We have free will, but the cosmic wind is at the back of the return to unity. Days of wonder, days of despair... this moon will move us in the positive direction

I am absolutely committed to the New Earth and its cycle of unity, where peace and oneness reign. It’s exciting, joyous and reverential (on a good day) to be part of the Earth crew turning the wheel and actively shaping the future. On a bad day, it’s overwhelming, terrifying and depressing. Life can try to call the bluff on our faith and trust in the higher truth of the turning of the ages back to light. With the second full moon in Aquarius coming this Sunday, and its themes of walking away - ‘I’m done… so done’ - in a really good way, I have a sense that for me at least it’ll include a more serious decision to minimise exposure to social media. Already I don’t partake of mainstream news as I find most of it to be lies and manipulation. But I do follow what I’m passionate about on uncensored socials – I’m watching how our world is moving towards freedom by experiencing huge turmoil via the covid situation and all it connects to. I have spent dozens of hours researching topics around this. I thought I was fine with that, but my body and energy has told my bossy brain – ‘we’re overwhelmed. Stop.’ What’s much more valuable is to put the focus on building that New Earth, talking and acting in alignment with unity, practising Mahat Meditation which is all about unity, resisting the desire to watch the train wreck, and ignoring the voices that want to divide us into different belief camps and pit one to the other. So while I am part of the freedom movement, I feel this moon will mean there’ll be less of my attention on how the world is falling apart in that sense, and more trust that the Tower moment is upon us and will only collapse what cannot be sustained in the light of the inevitable new cycle. Wayne and I are going to the freedom rally tomorrow (Saturday 21 August) at noon at Kings Park Anzac memorial – if you're going, give us a yell! While the light is destined as it’s our true nature and the time to reclaim it is here, we must still create the New Earth now.

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