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Power to the People - Pluto in Aquarius for 20+ Years

We have a shift starting 23 March 2023 when Pluto moves into the radical 'power to the people' air sign of higher love, Aquarius, further establishing the fledgling Age of Aquarius or the New Age.

Due to retrogrades, March kicks off a couple of years of Pluto moving between authoritarian Capricorn and the very early degrees of libertarian Aquarius before we stay in the latter for good from November 2024 until 2044.

The Age of Aquarius continues as our earthly backdrop theme for the next 2,200 or so years, with the Pluto in Aquarius era getting things established.

This shift is progressing the human race based on themes of freedom, egalitarianism, futuristic development, and ‘one tribe’, as we give separative systems of authoritarian control and greed the flick.

History’s clues

Viva la Revolution was the catch-cry of the French revolution, which occurred the last time transformational Pluto was in fair Aquarius, so we have an idea of how things will roll... this time let's make it peace and not heads.

Freedom loving rebel Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius and carries the same essential energies, very evident in the 1960s hippy free love scene. That era arose due to major Uranus transits teaming up with power player Pluto and spiritual idealist Neptune.

These historical eras give us a sense of the changes the Aquarian and Uranian energies can bring.

What we get

Pluto takes over 200 years to move through the zodiac, so it's a major deal when it changes signs.

Pluto is the bringer of death and rebirth, so as it moves out of traditional and hierarchical Capricorn and into wild and free Aquarius, we will see concern for human rights and freedoms rise.

New and progressive ideas and life approaches, and the freedom to express them, will become more the norm as Aquarius brings its cool 'love one, love all', 'live and let live' and 'love is love' unorthodox energy.

While right now we're seeing increased attempts at tyranny and control, the Age of Aquarius will not tolerate it and the people will increasingly rise to claim freedom. Absurdly unequal distributions of wealth and power will be dismantled.

Huge leaps will occur in technology, space travel, earthly transportation methods, humanitarianism and equality, unique self expression, connection with galactic neighbours, and the embrace of different folks having different strokes. Crypto is here to stay and if we use it well, it's the way forward.

The shadows

Man in bra
Comedian JP Sears cracks me up with his every woke joke.

As with all energies playing out when we still have duality consciousness around, there is light and shadow.

Aquarius’ shadow is already evident and especially since the 0º conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020, the first significant birthing of the Age of Aquarius now picking up intensity as Pluto enters the sign.

Gender and sexual fluidity are part of Aquarian energy, and it’s interesting to see many interplays of feminine and masculine energy and sexuality unfolding. If we don’t come from a strong foundation of self, however, we risk losing ourselves by experimenting in these ways which can be preyed upon by dicey agendas.

Being woke – excessive political and social correctness that ironically implodes to exclude others - is also a shadow expression of Aquarius.

Another is herd mentality. Aquarius rules the tribe and seeks the highest good of the collective, but if a tribe becomes a same-thinking herd, it ends up fearing those that are different.

Other shadows to watch for are cold scientific and technological approaches and the loss of reverence for nature and human warmth.

Delete the ‘elite’

The last 14 years as Pluto moved through earthy Capricorn transformed how we experience status, tradition, rules and regulations, authority, financial systems and money, and success.

On a personal level, if you recall significant life changes that began in 2008, the themes might be flaring up again as we leave the Pluto in Capricorn influence.

As we move further into Pluto in Aquarius, we care more about the knowledge and ethics we live by, rather than Capricornian concerns over status or rules set by the 'elite'.

The elite get the big delete in the Age of Aquarius, as we live All for One and One for All.

Beyond the ages

There is a galactic-level cycle that goes beyond the turning of the ages, in which we seemingly separate then reunify feminine and masculine energies to evolve consciousness using creative contrast. It’s called the Grand Precessional Cross, presented to us by the late astronomer and astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza.

It now places us at a key turning point where we return to face the galactic heart once more in a spiritual homecoming, after a 12,000 or so years experiencing separation.

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