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New moon in Aquarius... live and let live 

couple at a rally
Wayne and I at a Perth Freedom Rally on a 40 degree day, standing for freedom of choice - whatever that choice is. The focus for the Age of Aquarius is on creating a new higher vibe world, not fighting with groups with different outlooks.

We have a new moon today at 12 degrees Aquarius, but before we look at that, let’s consider something crucial for us all to realise for the longer term about the energy of Aquarius.

We all need to get the gist, because our planet is now entering the New Age of Aquarius for the next couple of thousand years. Best we get on board.

What's the essence we all need to embrace?

The essence of the New Age of Aquarius is to live our lives as a conscious service to humanity.

Aquarius rules the collective, and within that it’s focused on self-connection through individuation. Kind of a paradox of 'we-me'.

That’s because it’s in our self-connection that we realise the One that is the true Self. So, we celebrate individualism while rejoicing in Oneness. We see this theme rising as anything goes in the realms of personal expression and definitions of self.

Not only with this new moon, but far beyond into our New Age, it’s time to ‘Know Thyself’.

We're each playing with the archetypal patterns of the zodiacal signs, which form our creative palette of energies. Within this, our true Aquarian essence wants to evolve by exploring the self as part of evolving the One.

In this it rejects herd mentality based on stagnant outlooks, but loves free and forward thinking and higher ideals, often joining with like-minded others.

Aquarius respects other groups with different ideas, knowing we're all meant to explore our own life philosophies.

Ideally, we all chant the Aquarian mantra ‘Live and let live’ as we explore the self.

Mahatma Gandhi
What he said.

What today's new moon in Aquarius brings

With this new moon and its planetary aspects, we see change kick up a gear. Conflicts may resolve through detached logic and action taken in the best interests of the whole.

Tribes and personal philosophies are clarified, but as Aquarius well knows, we are ONE and can accept there’ll always be different strokes for different folks.

Radical Aquarius urges us to find and stand for our cause, because our philosophical choices are ways we explore the self and it's important to hone and evolve them.

This new moon is square its modern ruler, free Uranus, and conjunct its traditional ruler, stern Saturn, so the big themes of freedom/restriction we saw with 2021’s Uranus-Saturn squares are stimulated (these themes haven’t quite stopped playing out, and this new moon fizzes them up for another look at where we stand).

This moon kicks off a great streak of forward movement over the next couple of months as all the planets are in direct motion, but there's a bit of frustration from Saturn putting the Captain Sensible brakes on.

This means there are restrictions or responsibilities we must tend to with grit and perseverance, as we simultaneously reach for freedom and progression. We know the drill!

Worrisome Saturn could bring disturbing thoughts that keep us up at night, but much of it is in the head. We best beware the negative creative powers of thoughts and lower emotions, while using logic to navigate the circumstances we find ourselves in, discern our own truth, unite with like-minded groups, and practice 'live and let live'.

The focus is on creating the new higher vibe world Aquarius stands for, not fighting with groups with different outlooks. That'd be an Aquarian fail.

If it’s not inclusive and open-minded, it’s not true Aquarian energy, and we're not on the right track.

We have active work to co-create the New Age, or New Earth, because although the evolutionary cycle itself is destined for light, we are free-will folk and must choose to get on board or stay in an old dimension.

Community gardens are a prime example of the Aquarian principal of sharing and working together for the good of the whole.

Aquarius energy is starting to play out prominently on Earth either way, and the true expression is preferable. In shadow, it’s cold, overly scientific and robotic, enforcing unconscious group philosophies of superiority based on intellect alone, dismissing the warmth of feeling. Such a shadow reality may co-exist with a higher dimensional expression, as if we’re in different worlds.

Right now we’ve got a foot in both, and it pulls us from pillar to post if we’re not careful. In a divine irony, it's time to pick a side!

Our focus belongs on building community, refusing attempts to keep us in separation, celebrating the new era, and trusting we are ready, willing and able to co-create it.

This new moon is a forward moving push to keep devoting ourselves bravely to our cause while allowing others their own path.

Even if external life factors are temporarily restrictive, by living our true ideals – whatever they are now on our dynamic journey of self-realisation - we have a depth of happiness. To thy own self be true.

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