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Let go large and reframe it - Sagittarius lunar eclipse on 26 May 2021

The blood full moon eclipse in freedom-loving Sagittarius is exact in WA at 7.13pm on Wednesday 26 May, partially visible. It kicks off four lunar eclipses over two years so let’s get off to a flying start!

This eclipse brings a quick burst of change, and with Sag ruling our beliefs and what we hold as truth, there’s a letting go around what’s no longer our scene. The south node, which is about the karmic past, is next to this moon and adds oomph to the big let go of beliefs and life understandings that have had their day (or century, or millennium).

Sag in shadow gets judgy and high’n’mighty, so there could be an area of life where you make a shift to be more humble around ‘different strokes for different folks’.

This brings freedom - the greatest wish for the Sag energy within us. Our beliefs can imprison or set us free. Sag is big on trusting in a higher plan, and understands challenges as part of the road bringing us to greater freedom and realisation of our highest truth.

Sag’s ruler, blessed Jupiter, just last week moved into spiritual Pisces, and is emphasising the dissolving of what’s no longer true. With so much big spiritual energy, this could be a belief or judgement held through lifetimes, and could relate to persecution and dark ages religious or philosophical experiences… what it means to be ‘good’ and virtuous, or how we perceive dark and light (the theme of the master of duality Gemini, the axis point to this moon and the home of next month’s solar eclipse).

We could embrace the idea that a so-called villain can play a nasty role to flourish the light. Or we could realise that someone we’ve idealised actually stands in shadow. Maybe in the past we needed to bow to a person or belief in order to survive or get the closest we could to love, but we now see it’s false. Or maybe we must humbly accept our karma and make peace with a situation or person.

To know which is which for you… well, that’s the tricky part of the game but if you ask and look earnestly, the clarity will be there. Eventually. This moon could flush that through faster if you’ve been seeking and done your work.

The miraculous Jupiter in Pisces energy brings forgiveness, acceptance and compassion to this moon. There’s a grand opportunity for a rapid reframing of life and its ups’n’downs. It’s like alchemy… a new perspective can turn a dreadful challenge into an opportunity for growth, an inspiring sign of progress and heart-swelling gratitude for the gift of the game of life and how perfectly placed its pieces are.

To marvel at it isn’t enough though - we’ve got to know when and how to move our pieces too, and this eclipse could shove that along.

What will this eclipse push you to reframe?

Regardless of any religious beliefs, the ultimate example is Jesus on the cross choosing compassion and forgiveness, and choosing it accurately – there was no delusional thinking (Pisces shadow), and no whitewashing spiritual correctness (Sag shadow) trying to put a light spin on it. It was his ultimate truth and he reframed the situation in alignment with that, leading to his full unification.

That’s some seriously aspirational reframing, but with this powerful eclipse, why not think big.

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