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Being bad ass is the biz

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

My definition of Bad Ass - someone who takes a metaphoric machete to the chains that suppress the true self, whether with a personal style that is meditative and mellow or feisty as fuck.  I used to consider myself a bit of a bitch.

A physical fighter at school, convicted shoplifter/underage drinker/hinderer of the police, school wagger, promiscuous cheater, kicked out of home by fed up parents (just for a few weeks) and ex-communicated by several friends' parents. All before the age of 18. 

It was confusing - was I a bad person?

I was often in trouble but also desperately wanted to be good, normal, nice. At 13 I made an impassioned vow to myself that I'd start a new leaf as a normal girl that boys and girls and teachers alike would favour. Didn't stick. 

When I was four I cut all my hair off and seemed pretty bad ass about it.

I continued to get into hot water sporadically through my 20s...I won't explain!

Although always a rebel, I stifled a lot of myself and after a few more swats from life, made more vows to be good. That mess all had to be unravelled but I learnt a lot on the way about being myself.

Thank god for the rebellious streak that we carry, because it helps us hold onto some of our true essence until we can blossom fully. 

We all need it, and especially women who must stand against the grain of thousands of years of Earthly heritage that rejected ladies who weren't nice, and oft disrespected those who were anyway.

Like every archetype, bad ass has a shadow and light side. In less mature states it's destructive but if we didn't have baby bad ass we couldn't have the wholeness of it, which makes us empowered - we've no need to be aggressive or passively resentful. We stand strongly and peacefully in truth. But if we need to roar, bad ass will be right there with us.

The turning point back to the new era of feminine/masculine balance already happened, I believe, in 2012. 

How wonderful it'll be for humans to be free of munted conditionings regarding how the feminine half of life should be expressed - whether we're in a male or female body.  It's up to us to reclaim it and the phase of consciousness we're now in supports us. Bad Asses - it's time to rumble. 

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