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Astro update... what's up the rest of 2020?

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We always knew 2020 was going to be hectic, and it’s surely delivered. Astrologers long predicted the shiz would hit the fan on a global level. I’m relieved it wasn’t war or a huge natural disaster. Instead, we've seen coronavirus with its many associated agendas and impacts; upheaval around racial issues; shocking exposure of organised child sex abuse; and plenty of polarised opinions, each of us as sure we’re right as the other. The crux of the upheaval was the meeting of the solar system’s heftiest players, Pluto and Saturn, in authoritarian and conservative Capricorn. Then the great expander planet Jupiter came along to bring an extra abundance (Jupiter) of caution (Capricorn). The last time Pluto and Jupiter will join exactly in Capricorn, with Saturn just a few degrees away, is November on Friday 13th, a fortuitous and powerful day in need of better PR. In addition to Friday 13th's association with a Knights of Templar massacre long ago and horrid movies, the number 13 has been defamed as evil and connected with the feminine, with 13 lunar turns in one year if we define calendars as the ancients did. There's also 13 star signs instead of 12 if we choose to use that system. I explore the 13th sign, snakey Ophiuchus, in my novel in association with Lilith, as a feminine sign torn from the skies when the fated masculine uprising took place... but no worries, it was all part of the galactic cycles of human evolution and we're at the good bit now. With the final conjunction in this hefty series for Pluto and Saturn in November, I hope we see further transformation to rebalance feminine/masculine energies... the balance between head and heart. At the higher level, it's all just yin and yang, looking for balance.  Pluto is feminine in essence and is the ruler of death and rebirth and cycles, and Saturn is masculine and rules the patriarchy (which can be applied in helpful or destructive ways... because we do need boundaries and structure to make good in the Earthly realms). Pluto and Saturn had some beefs to sort out and in November it looks like things come to a head.  On top of the Capricorn energies, through the rest of the year we have very strong individualised fighty-bitey drive showing up (Mars in his own sign of ‘me, me, me’ Aries) vs. traditional authority, with Mars in Aries squaring up to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. We will see more insistence on individual rights and opinions, whatever those look like for each person. The risk is how it pushes us into stronger states of duality – us and them, I’m right and you’re wrong, etc. I try not to go there, while remaining clear on what I stand for. Quite an ask really.  This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 degrees of Aquarius on the solstice, can be seen as the formal start of the ‘New Age’, the Age of Aquarius, although the bleed over of energy has been evident for decades. This new era is great news. 2020 softened us up by whacking around old systems, often run by a greedy few. This is paving the way for the Age of Aquarius which at its heart is about the voice of the people and what’s in our best collective interests. The ages change every 2,200 or so years, so we’re moving from the Age of Pisces (big picture themes of religion, gurudom, martyrdom, crusading) and into the Aquarian vibes (avant garde, freedom loving, rainbow sheep, community, communications and technology, social equitability). The Age of Aquarius will see the crumbling of the old systems. Aquarian energy will not stand for elitism and the unequal distribution of wealth and power. In shadow, Aquarius can get too scientific/techy, cold and detached, and lose some human warmth, but the upside is its progressive social conscience.  Viva la Aquarius! And in the nick of time, or if we take a higher view... we were always right on time. We're creatures of free will but we are playing on a gameboard set out by the stars as patterns of consciousness. We can make the best or worst of it, but no matter what we do, the tides will turn when they are going to.  In alignment with the concept behind I Am Lilith, the galactic cycle now brings us to a point of unity for all those willing to rise beyond duality and its favourite child, fear. The cosmic wind is at our backs to unify and the more, the merrier. 

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