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An underworldly epiphany on offer to all

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The Rescue documents how 12 boys and their coach were recovered after almost three weeks in a flooded cave in Northern Thailand. To reach them took a six hour dive one-way, with very small passageways, no light, and a fast current. As the only hope, they were anaesthetised with their hands tied behind their backs to be pulled out by a few hobbyist divers, one of them an Australian anaesthetist. I bow.

An epiphany blessed me last week on the Leo full moon, one that awaits all of us on the journey into the underworld of self and through that to self-realisation. After Wayne and I got back from my first attempt at bringing I Am Lilith to markets (Perth people, the Markets in the Laneway by Fast Times Collective in Scarborough are such a cool Aquarian vibe), we watched a documentary on the 2018 Thai cave rescue of 12 teen boys and their 25 year old coach. The Rescue is a National Geographic film on Disney Plus, which we don’t have, but one of Luc’s friends had logged in on our TV so we had access. Meant to be. It is not only a brilliantly made doco, its power goes far beyond in showing us a concentrated example of what it takes the human spirit to go to the depths of the underworld, and emerge again in an evolved and embodied form of love. We each take the dive to the underworld when we incarnate on our journey of self-realisation over many lifetimes, all going to that dark place where hope is lost, death, fear and decay surround, and it appears impossible to find light. Our souls know this is an essential journey – which Lilith’s story also shows us – and the cave rescue story brings it home. We are One with Pluto - what does it mean? The Rescue is pulsating with the terrifying yet profoundly loving transformational energy of Pluto, Lord/Lady of the Underworld and ruler of death and rebirth. S/he asks EVERYTHING of us to bring forth our self-realisation. Pluto was exactly inconjunct the Leo full moon on 16/17 February, and so had a very strong presence. That night, I stayed semi-awake tossing and turning as I felt Pluto, who said wordlessly, ‘It’s all love’ and something about ‘All that it takes’, as in, it takes a lot to complete the underworld journey and this is called forth in love, by love. Many things stood out in the doco, especially the courage and love of the hobby divers who made the impossible possible. These few men all mention being bullied and kinda dorky through their lives, with cave diving bringing them peace. Peace is love, and their love of deep cave waters – a feminine expression - gave them what it took to make the rescue of the trapped, innocent masculine. The feminine cave and evolved masculine entry

Mannequin with blood on her face
So much like Lilith depictions... A department-store mannequin used as the votive image for Jao Mae Nang Non, the guardian spirit of Nang Non Cave. The parallels to the feminine energies of Lilith are evident.

The spiritual blessings are palpable in the doco, which explains that the cave, Tham Luang Nang Non, means ‘cave of the reclining woman’. It’s apparently ruled by the spirit of a princess who committed suicide after she was forbidden to be with her commoner love. Her body became the mountains, and her genitals, the cave. Her blood is the water in the cave. Fascinating to consider. Those involved in the hands-on element of the rescue were men, assisting 13 young males - with 13 being a number associated with the feminine. The innocent masculine shown by the trapped 13 males required the evolved wise masculine to pass intense tests from the watery depths of what can be seen as an angry and grieving feminine energy. This can also be seen as a major part of the feminine energy now ready to awaken from exile and allow the evolved masculine to enter her and bring healing and life. The boys emerged from the cave, the princess’ vulva, after leaving the depths of her womb filled with blood. Where the 13 were trapped the water was fetid, with declining oxygen levels. Other parts of the cave had raging currents. These symbolise the stagnant toxicity in the wounded feminine parts of self as well as her currents of rage. These had to be faced with great care in order to progress, and she gave her compassion. This also speaks of the Lilith energy. The feminine in shadow holds captive the innocent masculine (and the feminine), which prevents her from finding her own self-realisation. Great compassion is required to move beyond this, from both polarities. To allow healing, the Lilith or cave princess archetypes (and many other expressions) must let the evolved loving masculine penetrate her to bring union, but after all the betrayal and pain, she is reluctant. The true energy of the feminine is already unified and knows it's now time to allow the healing and unification, but we still have to find our way to that through some difficult pathways.

The penetration that brings unity must be done right It must be done right, with masculine fortitude and perseverance. If this is offered, she will receive him and rebirth both in unity. He must rise to his greatness to be able to penetrate her, and she must rise to hers to allow it. This is now cosmically due. To go through the gateway now open as part of a macro astrological cycle of evolution, we must let each other in. And we must let ourselves in. Only then can we realise our unified nature and leave behind the pain of duality found in the underworld journey. It takes a lot, as Pluto says, and the cave story brings us a message that it’s all love. That’s my epiphany. Embody what we love and do it with passion, then we develop great skill to serve others with this love. This is worth more than any external success or official status, as the hobby divers showed. The 2018 cave event came at a prime time as the gateway to unity opened more fully. It is finite (

for this particular cycle at least), so we need to get busy unifying. Let’s go!

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