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A revealing prophecy for now from 1940s

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, January/February 2023 edition

Person shielding their eyes
Nothing to see here... there are some elephants in the rooms of our world right now, but there is a higher purpose to what's unfolding.

We’re constantly undergoing astrological shifts affecting our evolution, including major outer planetary transits and even bigger cycles like the turning of the ages every couple of thousand years.

While these certainly have oomph, there’s a shift of an even greater scale occurring, and it helps explains the game-changing scene the human race is in the thick of right now.

In essence, we’re birthing an era of unification which many call the New Earth.

The challenging part is that before the proverbial phoenix can rise from the ashes, things get wild. Could it be that the mechanism for this intensity to play out is the situation behind and surrounding the era of Covid-19?

Perhaps early 2020 crystallised a fork in the road where souls made their choice, often without conscious awareness, between staying in the fear and ignorance of another cycle of separation, or rising into unity.

Astrologically speaking, the force behind this transformation is something of an elephant in the room because its scope and impact is enormous, beyond being explainable by transits of our solar system’s big hitting planets like Pluto, Saturn and Uranus.

Beyond the ages

Diagram of the Grand Precessional Cross
See bigger image at the bottom of this blog.

There is a galactic-level cycle at the foundation of this transformation. It’s known as the Grand Precessional Cross, presented to us by the late and great astronomer and astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza.

It now places humanity and the Earth at a key turning point. In a nutshell, we’re ending an era where we turned from the heart at the centre of our galaxy to experience separation, and can now return to face the galactic heart once more in a spiritual homecoming.

The Grand Precessional Cross goes beyond the turning of the ages, showing a separation then reunification of the feminine and masculine energies with the purpose of evolving consciousness using creative contrast.

The cross becomes exact when the Earth’s vernal point is perpendicular to the galactic equatorial node.

It’s not currently possible to point you to further detail, as soon after Fiorenza passed in October 2020, his website was taken down. Hopefully we will see his extensive work become easily available again soon.

Prophesied times

A shift on the Earth of grand proportions has long been heralded in a variety of sources.

Such prophecies can comfort us by offering higher reasons for upheaval, helping us hold strength and faith as we experience chaos.

A little known reference to the great shift is found in the novel published in Hungary in 1946 called The Red Lion: The Elixir of Eternal Life by Maria Szepes.

It covers five lifetimes of the alchemy-loving protagonist across hundreds of years in Middle Age Europe, as he develops from a base to masterful character.

Soon after publishing, the novel was condemned to destruction by Hungary’s communist regime. The book re-emerged again, and nowadays you can still buy it, or find free pdfs and a YouTube narration of the book online, as it apparently has no copyright restrictions.

It contains a statement that is very prophetic, especially in light of the Covid-19 situation.

In the prologue the protagonist Adam Cadmon, named after the Kabbalahistic primordial man representing a divine being experiencing a physical body, says “There is to be a time of great transmutation of the earth. Her entire essence is to be altered. She will cast out the contaminated and refine the remaining few into precious metal.”

“The coming cataclysm is by way of a provocative injection; it will bring the latent disease to the surface in those who are tainted with it.”

The latent disease could be seen as fear or separation consciousness.

We are one

At this point in the Grand Precessional Cross, the poles of feminine and masculine expressions can more easily merge in the Heaven and Earth star, made of the feminine blue downward pointing triangle and the masculine red upward pointing triangle.

We have a window of opportunity—like a launch window—that can now be accessed most easily if we have the will to do so.

Those not ripe to move into unity at this time will continue on the wheel of karma, and it will seem we are living in entirely different dimensions even while sharing the planet. All is one.

While it can be frustrating and upsetting to see all the elephants in the room of current events, it can also be a relief to just let it unfold when we have faith in a higher plan.

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