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A life of milk and honey... what does it look like for you?

What simple joys are part of the 'good life' for you? This plant brings so much happiness and hope. It was given to me about six years ago in a small yellow pot. Wayne transferred it to two consecutively larger pots and made support for its base, and it just loves life now and is 12x bigger. We talk about it nearly every day!

Taurus new moon this week - 21 degrees on 12 May 2021, Perth time 2:59am

Find the ‘good life’, bring Heaven to Earth in your daily life and wider goals, write a new story for your good life, get earthy and sensual alongside your spiritual power.

The new moon is happy in Taurus, offering a blessed window to plant seeds for not only this lunar month, but as the foundation for the next six months through eclipse season.

This milky Venusian new moon gets you looking at what it means to live the ‘good life’. What are your foundational values, and how do you live in nourishing ways around your physical and sensual/sexual needs, money and security requirements and empowerment, and valuing yourself? Do you need to nourish yourself with better food, or dress or care for your body with more grounded grace and artistry?

Pleasure-loving slow mover Taurus loves nature, the simple rhythms of the Earth, things like walking barefoot on the grass, celebrating your five senses and sensuality by enjoying food, touch and scent. Taurus is about our physical experience, our bodies and senses, and what is required for us to love being here on Earth.

The spiritual purpose of Taurus energy is to master the ability to magnetise resources towards itself to be used in a way that creates the ‘good life’, and that includes doing good for others and the wider world.

The ruler of this moon is Venus, goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and money. She’s now in airy Gemini, lightening up the solidity of practical Taurus, getting us thinking about writing the story of our good life. This is enhanced by the karmic north node now right on Gemini’s ruler, brainy communicator Mercury, in a gush of energy to stable Saturn at 13 Aquarius which brings longevity and substance to our new story.

This moon is only making a few connections to other planets and points. There is a powerful flow to the planet of spirituality, imagination, compassion and dreaminess (also illusion and deception), Neptune. This brings a sweet visionary flavour to the next month and eclipse season, a touch of the unworldly to the earthy, with more connection to the arts and/or mysticism. It’s a lovely combination to help forge a balance between the spiritual dimension of reality and ordinary life. Think Heaven on Earth.

This new moon sits right on Black Moon Lilith – the wild and untameable truth of our feminine - demanding we uncover what’s needed to be happy in our sensuality, values and self-worth, especially around how we ensure feminine-masculine balance within and without.

Lilith won’t have inequality and if it’s in our life, her righteous rage will rattle the chains that bind us. She insists you explore your exiled parts to find the instinctual side of your feminine energy and how she likes to create the good life based on her values. This new moon is a doorway for that, and with Lilith’s exact swish to Neptune, there’s spiritual truth to be embraced… a rising of sacred Venusian sexuality and feminine juiciness. This ups the ante on your finding what Heaven on Earth means for you.

The new moon will make a nice gush to the planet of power and transformation, Pluto, now moving retrograde in structured and serious Capricorn, and keen to ensure we’ve addressed the biggest things we learned in 2020. Pluto retrograde unearths something buried in our underworld or a secret ingredient, something stirred up from our depths last year… perhaps it’s about our relationship to authority, success or societal structures and how we fit into those, or not, as part of living true to our definition of what constitutes a good life.

The Taurus new moon this week offers some excellent energy patterns to use to better define and live whatever is the good life for us personally. The simple grounded pleasures of Taurus energy are what we can all freely appreciate, and they seem more precious during times of duress and stress. They bring us back to basics of what's good in life. We can all enjoy simple things like -

  • Appreciating nature in so many ways

  • Basking in star light (remember the sun is a star)

  • Good food and wine

  • Touch, massage and sensuality

  • Patting a pet

  • Using natural perfumes (like Melis) or essential oil candles (like Escencias Australia)

  • Taking flower essences like from Tracy O'Meara Smith of Silverdale Natural Therapy

  • Cutting some flowers or foliage (loving Monstera from the garden for this) for a vase

Generally we're blessed to have these kinds of things easily and often freely available. These small matters are enormous in how we live the good life and it's an opportunistic time to focus on how you want to grow in this way.


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