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This is a rollicking reimagined story of Lilith, who in Jewish mythology was married to Adam before Eve, leaving him when he insisted on being above her. Her refusal to submit saw her demonised through the ages, her story unheard. Until now...



'I am Lilith, and this story is mine’ 



High Priestess Lilith reigns over Ancient Sumer’s greatest city in a world where female rule has been unquestioned for eons—until roving gem miner Adam warns that men are raising a rebellion.

To ensure a secret prediction of a male-dominated future does not come to pass, Lilith must uphold the subjugation of men, including the lie they have no role in procreation.


With a rebel war imminent, and her conscience deepening in her love of Adam, Lilith is torn between trying to prevent the dreaded future eventuating and honouring her radical truth…that women and men stand as one.


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“As an astrologer, I'm intrigued that 6,000 years ago—when Adam and Eve apparently existed—marks a point in an astrological cycle when a matriarchal era became an equally tyrannical patriarchal era, followed by a fated reunion. That era of unification begins now.”


- Melanie Dufty

Early reviews

  • Jenna Lambert-Porter, Perth, Western Australia

    This novel is truly one of the most brilliant I’ve ever read - some moments more outrageous and brilliant than I could have ever dreamed up, while also absolutely perfect for the higher meaning of the story.


    I was awed and enthralled by the complexity and the incredibly profound messages throughout. 


    I Am Lilith is told in the honest and bold voice of Lilith, her story largely unknown...until now. Words barely do justice to the feeling and depth behind this creation. There’s just so much to love.

  • Libby Turner, editor, NSW, Australia

    An epic re-imagining of the story of Lilith, this is a moving work with a profound message of acceptance and balance.


    Breathtaking and heartbreaking in equal measure, I Am Lilith will grip you until the last page and stay with you long after.


    This novel is on a huge scale that somehow still manages to be wonderfully and sometimes terribly intimate. The ceremonial set pieces are breathtaking, especially on my second read when I fully understood what was being invoked and why.


    On the smaller scale, the characterisations and interpersonal relationships are beautifully realised and often heartbreakingly real. Your characters made me laugh and made me cry, and most of all, you made me care deeply about what they thought, felt and did.

  • Janina Norton, London, England

    I challenge you to read this book and forget it…I simply cannot. Many months on, the characters and events remain vividly with me. 


    I Am Lilith is tantalising and profound in equal measure. It is layered with mystery and meaning well beyond its captivating plot. Melanie has shared a story here that is so refreshingly different to any other I've read and it storms confidently through the traditional narratives we have held about women and men.


    This is a wild tale that is sensual, raw, brave and confronting. The fact it will make its grand entrance into the world now, at a unprecedented time of major shifts in our collective consciousness, seems almost by perfect design to me. This is a story you simply must read.  

  • Anita Benetts, Perth, Western Australia

    When you pick up a book and want it to move you, be relevant or at the very least entertain you… I Am Lilith did this for me and so much more. 


    It awoke something deep within that I can no longer ignore.


    In the wake of #metoo, in the midst of a global pandemic and shifting balances of power, I hope that reading this wonderful and evocative story will have the same profound impact on you as it did me.


    From the perspective of a woman time has distorted and vilified, I Am Lilith is heartbreaking, but not without hope.

  • Gina Witt, New York, USA

    I Am Lilith is an absolute page-turner that is entertaining and thought provoking with a deep and powerful message of unity. 


    The characters come alive and are so well developed, you feel like you know them. I felt transported to another place and time in the beautiful scenes detailed in the story. 


    This is an emotive read filled with sensuality, humor, intrigue and betrayal, all played out with such depth to give you a whole new perspective on Lilith as we have known her, until now.

  • Marie Hoy, Perth, Western Australia

    I absolutely love this novel. I was torn between racing to uncover the narrative, while re-reading chapters for the delight of the writing and the depth of meaning.

    At once reverential and hilarious, Melanie's heart-centred writing provides insights into the most intimate aspects of female relationships and rites. In fact, the moments of Lilith and her squad together are some of the greatest moments in this novel.

    I Am Lilith depicts a civilisation ruled by women, featuring some figures with whom we are familiar and, fascinatingly, through these characters we are challenged to re-consider our own, and broader societal concepts of gender.

    You will want to gift this book to all your friends - no matter what their gender identity - just so you can talk about it and discover more layers of meaning in the content.


Melanie Dufty

Perth, Western Australia

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