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Our reincarnation path is written in the stars

This article is from my monthly column in Supernal Magazine, April 2022 edition

Consciousness continually evolves through death and rebirth, and as components of it, we do the same through the process of reincarnation.

Each incarnation is part of a complex personal puzzle we slowly piece together on the journey back to remembering who we are.

We’re born with a divinely-orchestrated game plan as part of this individual path of evolution, and karmic and evolutionary astrology helps us understand it.

There’s no blank slate at birth, but a blueprint that’s connected to our progress in other lives. In alignment, our birth occurs when planetary patterns support us to experience a lifetime of certain opportunities, challenges, characteristics, circumstances, and destined pathways.

It’s designed to help us progress our evolution to the point of realising the true self and its oneness with all.

Key informers in our natal astrology chart

The entire natal chart holds our plan, but of particular importance to understanding our reincarnation path are -

  • The positions of the moon’s karmic nodes

  • The planet of transformation, Pluto

  • The planet of karma and pressure, Saturn

The moon’s nodes operate as a pair, and show a key purpose of our present incarnation. Our north node shows the positive direction to take, while the south node shows what we’ve done plenty of in this and other lifetimes that no longer holds growth. We do well to recognise our south node’s comfort zone and actively challenge ourselves to go towards the north node.

Without this awareness, life can be trickier because the south node feels familiar, leading us to assume it’s the right path. We’re meant to stretch into new territory, however, and life goes better when we do.

Pluto shows where our deepest transformations take place as we face the heftiest issues brought across lifetimes. It represents the seat of our greatest power as well as where we feel the most disempowered, and always involves destruction and regeneration.

Saturn shows the energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears taken from other lifetimes, pointing to where our most concentrated effort and discipline will be demanded. These areas can become our greatest strengths if we rise to Saturn’s stern demands.

Why do it?

Many of us accept we’re on a reincarnation journey, progressively becoming more self-realised. But why take it on?

Through many lifetimes, we play out believing we’re separate from our soul, each other and life itself. We experience this in every nuance only to eventually realise there is no separation.

This game of evolution involves us falling from paradise—Heaven—and returning to it after our heroic journeys, wisened and expanded by what we learned in exploring duality.

The feminine and masculine forces of creation are one and can never truly be separated, but they do differentiate so we can create with the contrast.

We play with this creative power on our path of reincarnation. The risk is we play the game so deeply, we forget the truth of who we are, causing us to become lost for many lifetimes and making the experience far denser than it need be.

Galactic reincarnation

Great cycles of evolution turn as the stars and planets rotate their way around the centre of the galaxy in perfectly timed exactitude. These cycles move Earth from times of light as we align with the galaxy’s heart, then plunge us into the darkness of what seems to be separation as we turn away.

Within these cycles there are eras where feminine then masculine energy take turns as the dominant force, leading to vast creation as they reunify in balance at a more expansive level than before.

The astronomical and astrological model called the Grand Precessional Cross explains this cycle, and now has us at the point where we’ve once again turned to face the light at the centre of the galaxy when we realise our truth of unity.

The World card in the tarot represents our enlightenment on both personal and macro galactic reincarnation cycles.

This is a major turning point of the current ~24,000 to ~26,000 year Grand Precessional Cross cycle, bringing an era of unity for all those ready, while those who are not will continue for another round. Within that macro cycle, our galactic and individual soul evolution unfolds across many smaller circuits of death and rebirth.

While this is a destined point for unity, the momentum of the wheel of reincarnation tries to keep us in duality consciousness for another cycle. We need gumption to claim our truth and end the illusion, and for all who see it well enough to choose it, the time is now.

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