Crystal and energy healing

Crystals and symbols carry vibrational patterns that can be used to influence your energy. 

I work with crystals and symbols in two ways.

Firstly, I offer a 'laying on' of crystals and yantra symbols (the yantra cards are part of the ITA or Integrated Therapeutic Alignment energy medicine and Mahat meditation discipline created by Melaney Ryan of Stillpoint Institute) on your body to clear, balance, align and awaken your system.

Secondly, I make my own crystal and energy essences using the stone's energy and the ITA yantra energy transferred into pure water. I make my essences at helpful astrological times like at new or full moons and use meditative intent to further energise and program the essences for specific purposes. You take an essence orally in drops over a 28 day program.

Crystal essences are lovely to take, safe to use and make powerful shifts. They work brilliantly with adults, children, animals and even plants and physical spaces. Sessions can be done remotely - in the same way distance healing takes place, so do crystal and yantra symbol healing sessions.

"During a crystal healing session with Mel it's as if time slows and I am enveloped in peace, serenity and protection. I have used crystals before but nothing comes close to the healing I've experienced since meeting Mel." Karen McFarland 2017

Straight to business...some things you need to know

  • I offer consultations in my Wembley home or on Skype all day Thursdays and Fridays, last appointment is 7pm.
  • Payment needs to be made during your session by cash or EFT. If you're overseas I send a paypal invoice prior.
  • If you're purchasing essences or sprays please transfer funds to the account below plus $10 postage (unless you're collecting).
  • My bank details are - account name Melanie Hubbard, BSB 016 370, account number 588891093


Contact me using the form or phone details below.

  • Crystal and ITA yantra healing consultation - one hour session ($100) to discuss your situation from a soul and energetic perspective, and you receive a laying-on of crystals and ITA yantras on your body (or remotely gridded if you're not in Perth) to help balance, align and awaken energy as you require - we talk about where you're at in our first half of the session. You also receive a bottle of crystal essence as is most appropriate for you. 


  • Crystal and ITA yantra essences $15 per bottle 
    • Chakra essences, $15 each or $90 for set of 7 - base, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown. Take any one at any time, or take them in order over 7 months for a deeper healing (consider doing this in the 7 month astro program).
    • Blanky $15 - nurtures you with an Earth mother hug. Contains black tourmaline (protection, removal of unhelpful thoughts, aura strengthening, grounding), red jasper (nurturance, protection), tiger eye (confidence, personal power, protection including against radiation - great for travelling) and selenite (high light frequency). Use it any time to ease stress or fear, ground and soothe. 
  • Crystal, ITA yantra, flower essence and aromatherapy space sprays $25 - 120ml
    • Blanky - the crystal essences in Blanky (see above) in a space spray to clear energy and lift the light vibration. The clearing and protective essential oils juniper berry and cinnamon bring a lovely aroma, and white wisteria flower essence lends its protective vibration of white light.
    • Light Fest - the essences of three clear crystals - kunzite, herkimer diamond and clear quartz - raise the light quotient in a room, bring extra joy to a gathering or lift your own vibration. Jasmine essential oil brings a divine perfume and Iris flower essence offers an energetic bridge between body and soul.

Contact me for bookings, orders and queries or call 0405 762 433

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