What's your flav?

 Juicify your life with guidance from the stars and grounded application (6 June to 7 October 2017)... find out more

Juicify your life with guidance from the stars and grounded application (6 June to 7 October 2017)...find out more

If your life were a movie, edited back to the gist, it'd be a fascinating, magnificent and inspiring adventure of how you unfurled to be more of your true self.

We each have a theme for our adventure, but it’s not a detailed prescription. Each lifetime we've chosen a personality, some gifts, coupla challenges, some key players, and it's all set up so we can balance and awaken some soulfully chosen things on our journey back to our true selves.

It's not set up to torment or bore us to death - it's there to get us realising more of our real deal. Sometimes we'll get the rug pulled out from under us to get us to wake up, or we get a sweet opportunity, sometimes we'll be hammered and squeezed into a tight corner to get us to rise up or grow up...we can see these themes in the stars and that knowledge can help us ride life's waves, which are sweeping us towards the same shore of self.

In this lifetime, we all want to taste or develop a certain flavour of our immense self, who is ALL OF IT. Some of us want to do something huge, some to enjoy simple daily life, some to climb the ladder of corporate success, some to live off grid. What matters is that you do what you really want, your way. This is who I am!  Like it or deal.

That all sounds great, but it can also be confusing with a whole bunch of veils that must be removed in a soul pass-the-parcel before we can even start to see our own truth. What do we really want? What are we here to master and what do we need to move away from and towards? 

One helpful tool is using the karmic nodes in your birth chart to show us where your comfort zone is (south node) and where your soul urges you to go into new terrain (north node). These nodes, along with some other destiny pointers in your chart and your career or higher calling realms, taken in context of your whole chart, are very useful to give you more clarity on who you are, why you're here and where you're going.

Introducing 'In the stars and on the ground' - a three month life juicifier journey that is both massive and grounded  (Thursday 6 July to Friday 6 October 2017)  Find out more or book

I've teamed up with fellow Mahat Meditator Lauren Howe of The Little Wellness Co, a life coach with a star-sent gift (I've done her chart and she's legit living that thing!) for grounding the good life. My gift is finding life themes and supporting soul journeys.  See below if that's of interest.

We start Thursday 6 July with a two hour workshop, of course with wine and cheese involved, and if what we offer is what you need right now then join the three month program made up of six private sessions (three with each of us) and a finale full moon celebration. This is a killer combo, in the best sense of the word.

Whether you've already learnt a bit about your astrology with me or not, this three month journey will take you next level in the 'know thyself' ride and help you apply and integrate it in your grounded day to day life.