When higher perspectives mean jack...acute anxiety

Patches of anxiety, bouts of depression; most everybody has them. At what point they become a mental health issue, I don't know. I do know that more adults and kids than ever are experiencing mental health issues at one level or another. I believe the increase is symptomatic of evolving consciousness, but that's another story (which I love to tell).

When one is acutely in fear (like a panic attack or ongoing intense anxiety that prevents normal functioning) or in serious depression, only some tools are appropriate because people are just trying to get through the day.

They don't have the head space for many types of therapy, or for seeking the higher meaning of their experience. I understand and have experienced the need sometimes, especially when in an acute state, where pharmaceuticals are needed almost in order to survive.

But longer term real healing is where it's at and not just symptom reduction. What helped me enormously - to support and comfort me during intense fear, and to bring healing energies to the bigger issues - were crystal essence drops, especially Black Tourmaline. Anyone feeling fear or anxiety can greatly benefit from these liquid crystals. I went on to make my own crystal essences now and my favourite is Blanky, which contains Black Tourmaline and several other kick ass crystals.

Crystal essences with Black Tourmaline are also fab for kids (or adults) who have nightmares or bullies hassling them, and even for frightened animals. They are based on the empowering truth that there is nothing to fear except our own thoughts. Black Tourmaline's specialty is to disarm them.

Even in really intense states of fear, suddenly things come more into perspective and a glimmer of light and hope is experienced and can be built on.