Open your eyes to see

I love this pic of a boy with his cat who stands happily before his greatness. Most of us tend to be scared of our light, as author/teacher/ activist Marianne Williamson brilliantly quoted (see below).

We can even feel shy to look in the face of the greatness of others, because we're seeing our own in them and it freaks us out. 

My beloved companion cat, Star, is now blind. At a mundane level, this is due to cataracts.

As Star and I are deeply bonded, at a certain level I feel she's reflecting my inability to see myself truthfully.  I often say Star is my greatest teacher of unconditional love, and perhaps she's showing me I haven't been seeing that I am that myself. 

We reflect ourselves back to ourselves everywhere. We are all in our truth divine light beings - our human role is to work it out (the longgggg journey), align with it and be it. 

I believe in the value of my work as a soul-centered astologer and crystal energy facilitator to assist people on the journey of remembering who we are. I realise that my work helps but that ultimately the purpose of our lives is to merge directly with our soul, and the technique that works best for me by far is Mahat Meditation brought to us by Melaney Ryan of Stillpoint Institute

If we see greatness in others, then we are seeing our own. Why should be be shy or ashamed of seeing our greatness? Madness! Well I'm a lookin'....and I'm a  likin' (spend 4 seconds of your life watching this with your own greatness in mind...possibly hilarious only to Meet the Fockers fans).