How's your Lilith?

Madonna is breathtaking in this speech about her 34 years as a woman in's worth watching the whole thing as she shows her outrageous and sexually provocative self that she has always been unapologetic about.

Astrologically, she carries a powerful Lilith archetype - the asteroid Lilith is worth studying in your chart to understand your feminine energy's emancipation.

My Lilith is heftily placed; she's a big part of who I am in this lifetime. She's core to my passion for the liberation of feminine energy and finding balance with the masculine so we can get back to enjoying the Universal Love Story. 

What does Lilith represent in ourselves?

An unintegrated Lilith carries immense rage and profound grief, and a great fear of being rejected, attacked and destroyed for being who we are in relation to feminine energy (in women and men).

What does history say about her?

Lilith was Adam's first wife, before Eve. He considered her less than him, famously insisting he be on top while screwing (what would Madonna say...). She refused and left him, but she would've been kicked out anyway.

She was then reviled and feared, and apparently turned vengeful and demonic. Religious stories contain many Lilith references, especially saying she was an evil seductress and child killer.

Adam made another wife, Eve, from his rib and she was compliant, until she was seduced (or called) by the Lilith energy represented by the serpent. Lilith and Eve energy - aka the feminine - took the blame for bringing the fall of humanity.

That's some seriously bad PR for the feminine. This story can be spun a whole new way, such as that Eve followed her inner voice to step forward and taste what she wanted and in doing so, took a static consciousness where nothing ever changed and allowed it to evolve. 

Painful as it has been, what's happened with the imbalance of masculine and feminine is all part of natural cycles of evolution, as part of our exploration of duality.

Seeing the big picture helps us accept the whole feminine in ourselves and in others. Lilith's gift is that as we face and integrate these rejected and feared parts of ourselves, we become whole again.

Madonna's shares her Lilith wisdom

In her speech, Madonna is quite literally explaining the Lilith journey of being hated for being who she is as a woman. Madonna has always gone on the front foot with her Lilith expression...many others go on the back foot and repress their expression.

Madonna appears to have come to peace with the Lilith energy. She has been of great service to the world at this time of the healing of feminine and masculine energy that is required for our next step towards a more unified existence. 

Madonna is a Leo sun (shining bright, the performer) with a Virgo ascendant and moon...Virgo is the energy of service, the High Priestess, the Madonna, of the true virgin which means 'whole unto oneself' - but that does not mean without relationships, sexual or otherwise, with others. Simply that no part of oneself is given away in an unhealthy way. Like a Virgin she is.