We all do what we want

 i want to lounge around reading with star.

i want to lounge around reading with star.

In 2012 I found a book I'd never seen before while rifling through a box at home - it holds a certain magic and continues to impact my life.

It's about a quirky master of reality called Don who thinks he should teach others what he knows.

As part of trying to show people that they choose their realities, Don always supports them in whatever they do or believe, no matter how ridiculous.

When his live'n'let live teachings outrage them, they confront him with quotes from the bible and judgemental opinions, to which he heartily agrees - ‘Absolutely, if you like.’ Or ‘I couldn’t agree more, if that’s how you see it’. 

Love or hate him, none of them really want to be taught what he knows about reality and this makes him a reluctant messiah.

Eventually he realises the point of his lifetime - that the Creator doesn’t need him to teach anyone how reality works. If he wants to, do it. If he wants to believe he has a duty to do it, do it. Or don't. Everyone does what they want.

Luckily his best friend is a budding master and soaks up his teachings, but Don realises he has no need or want to teach the unwilling.

At peace with his realisation and his best friend's progress, he organises a dramatic death (just for fun) and someone shoots him. 

This cool and alive short book, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach (written in 1977 - SO ahead of its time) is so simple that it really got the message across to me that we're all doing what we want, even if we think we aren't or can't.

Yeah, it is complicated...we may really want to experience something but our belief systems and shadow can hold us back and be very tough to crack. 

But if you mean business and do the work, it happens (a gross simplification it may be, but we're talking top level here). It's already done in the moment we make a firm choice and believe ourselves.

Bottom line is - we all do what we want. Own it.