Astrology - what is it?


Astrology is believed to have developed thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt and spread all over the world. No king or queen or wealthy household was without their own astrologer.

Some believe astrology stems from longer back, into very ancient and advanced civilisations that may be called mythical, like Atlantis and Lemuria. I do.

Anyway, astrology began to decline in popularity after Rome fell and Christianity claimed it as the work of the devil. It's had its ups and downs since then, being very popular in the medieval ages, getting hammered as the Inquisition progressed for being a mate of witchcraft, and emerging again in the beginnings of the New Age in the last 50 or so years.

Astrology is a precise science in the sense that planetary movements are exact and measurable, and can be charted at any particular moment in time and for long into the future. The ancient Mayans weren't half bad at it with their 2012 knowledge.

What's it do for me?

The moment you're born, your life plan is set - I believe the soul chooses to be born at the precise time and place with the desired astrology for the learnings of that lifetime, regardless of things like induced births and caesarians.

From then your chart moves ahead more reliably than a Swiss clock. There is a plan, and within that you have free will. It's like saying on a certain date there will be a stiff wind blowing, and there will, but that doesn't mean you'll fly your kite unless you take it out. 

Astrological energies are indifferent and just are what they are - like the weather. It's not personally trying to take you out with a cyclone or give you a perfect sunny day. But if you know the weather you can make the best of it.

We are not controlled by the energies of astrology, we are one with them. That might spin your rational brain out, but, worth saying. Astrology gives us a way of defining and consciously working with the energy patterns that we are made of.