We are each born with a divinely orchestrated game plan for this lifetime. This is seen in how the planets of our solar system are placed in our natal astrological chart...our personality, challenges, gifts, life purpose, the key players and situations.

Our lives are a complex puzzle that we slowly piece together on the journey back to remembering who we are. Our astrology chart provides at least a high level guide to our game plan in this lifetime, and our free will determines how many pieces we place in the masterpiece we each are. 

"Every piece of my life puzzle helps me understand who I am and what I am here to do." Gayle Dayman, Moonta Bay, SA

Straight to business...some things you need to know

  • You need an accurate time of birth (within say 10 or 15 minutes ideally). If you don't I can arrange for a kinesiologist to remotely determine your time for $25.
  • For written reports, a deposit of $150 is required 72 hours before our session. Written reports use my skills as a professional writer, and give a more profound reading you can refer back to long term.
  • All consults can be recorded and an audio link sent to you.
  • I offer sessions in my Wembley home or on Skype all day Thursdays and Fridays, last appointment is 7pm. 
  • Payment needs to be completed during your session by cash or EFT. If you're overseas I send a paypal invoice prior.
  • My bank details are - account name Melanie Hubbard, BSB 016 370, account number 588891093


Request your session via the form or phone details below.

    Full introductory session – who are you and why are you here? $260  
    I study your astrological life plan, life path numerology and shadow liquid crystal and craft you a report of around seven pages giving you an overview of your lifetime themes. This is a resource you can refer back to for the rest of your life. We also meet to discuss your life plan in a one hour consultation. 

    Light introductory session – an overview of your life’s key pathways $120
    A one hour consultation to discuss your key energies, the higher level of your life purpose, and your focuses and challenges in your lifetime, based on your natal astrological chart. This includes looking at your karmic direction in life and some practical tips on how to apply this knowledge when making life decisions. There is no written report. 

    For existing clients - what’s going on now/your current year $120 for one hour consult or $260 to add a written report
    Good to do anytime you like and also helpful around one's birthday to see what is activated in your natal chart and the focus of your current year.

    7 month personalised program (7 one hour sessions and crystal essences)  $700
    Know yourself more deeply and move forward in alignment with your life plan through this seven month one-on-one personalised program using in-depth astrology and crystal essence healing on each main chakra. We use your astrology (current and natal) and soul-perspectives to move you forward. Includes -

    • Seven sessions in person or Skype exploring your astrology, with a soul-focused and practical look.
    • We start by reviewing your life purpose in your astrology and life path numerology, then move through each chakra.
    • My notes after each session with anything you need to remember like dates of important transits etc.
    • If you are attracted, a laying on of crystals and ITA yantra symbols on your body as part of any session if you live in Perth.
    • Seven crystal essences to take monthly to balance and awaken each chakra, plus a bottle of the supportive essence, Blanky.
    • Unlimited access to email me with your questions and feedback...I love to talk astro and soul journey with you!

    Relationship astrology $150 for one hour consult or $280 to add a written report for a deeper reading
    Understand a relationship more deeply and how you inter-relate, your greatest connections and strengths and your challenges (a romantic partnership, parent/child, friend etc) 

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