"I am a communications professional with 16 years experience in writing and editing, and an astrologer holding the internationally recognised Federation of Australian Astrologers Practitioner Diploma. 

I've studied spirituality and energy healing for 13 years, practiced as an astrologer since 2012, and worked part-time as a publication editor for a utility for the past five years.

I continue to practice Mahat meditation as a powerful path to reconnect to my Soul. I'm married to Wayne Dufty ( and we've two boys, Luc (14) and Remy (12), and a beloved cat, Adam."

Melanie Dufty (BA SSc, Dip Astro FAA)

Who am I?

First and forever, I am a freedom lover. My purpose and unstoppable passion is to free my soul, mind and body from the ties that bind me in the human experience so I can live the heaven on earth experience.

My passion is for the rich, juicy and powerful feminine, which has suffered greatly in the last 6,000 years. Through spiritual and astrological studies I have come to accept that this has been part of a natural cycle of separation into masculine and feminine dualities. The great news is that from around 2012, we began entering a new era where the feminine and masculine are moving into balance and harmony.

My background

I started my career in public relations (PR), after graduating as the top grading PR student of my year from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Social Science.

During nine years in London and Sydney working for the banking and retail industry bodies, I was a media spokesperson in dozens of TV and hundreds of radio and press interviews.

Turning point 1

I left work to have my first son Luc in 2004, and that is when my spiritual journey began. I didn’t believe in spirituality, but during a 30 hour homebirth when I was at my absolute end, I screamed silently ‘If there’s anybody out there, HELP ME!’.

The response came as a surge of power that allowed my completely exhausted and agonised body to birth Luc. This befuddled my mind and opened a creak in the doorway to my Soul.

I muddled through Luc’s first year in something of a depression, and was getting desperate to find something more fulfilling. My perfect-looking life wasn’t ticking the box of my longing, which was the yearning for my Soul.

I began studying pranic healing and arhatic yoga in 2005, and went on to study Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) at Stillpoint Institute, then traditional astrology from 2007.

In 2011, Wayne’s architectural business was hit up by the ‘global financial crisis’ and we had to sell our house, Wayne’s Porsche, pull the boys out of their private school and rent a humble house. We were flat broke for a few years.

I went back to PR work and got a job with the Water Corporation, where I still work part time as a publication editor - I love this job and have great people around me. I’m a Gemini so two jobs works for me!

Turning point 2

In August 2013 I was struck by a ‘nervous system syndrome’ which saw me suddenly hospitalised in agony. The nerves in my shoulders and arms were severely inflamed and were so damaged so I could barely move my arms for months.

Even worse than the physical pain was the depths of primal terror it cracked open, and resultant severe insomnia, which put me on pharmaceutical sleeping tablets for 18 months. I nearly lost my mind. Within two years I was completely healed. It was deeply humbling to showdown with serious shadow and come out the other side.

In 2015, I had an urge to walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain and with the support of my family, I took off alone and walked 500km. I have always been very unphysical so it was all the more bizarre! It was transformational and the depth of the changes it brought keep surprising me.

In September 2017, I began what I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid… write a novel. It’s complete as at November 2018. Watch this space.